Pilot Entry, mate!

I finally decided to write about my travels. I decided to make a blog because I have an obsession with taking pictures and going on adventures. I guess this is the best way to remember my trips. I admit that I can sometimes be lazy but I promise to religiously write in this blog.

I have been to only three countries in my entire life. My parents would travel a lot back in the day because my dad used to manage bands. I was really lucky that at four or five years old, they were able to bring me to Jakarta Indonesia. The reason why my parents brought me was because I would cry a lot everytime they would travel. They did not have a choice but to bring me. Sadly, I cannot write about it because I don’t really remember much about the trip except that I was able to go to “Dufan” and ride a carousel.

When I was twelve years old, my mom brought me with her to Brisbane and Sydney Australia. I remember vividly that I was able to visit the Sydney Aquarium, Taronga Zoo, The rocks, and The Opera House. I even cruised the Sydney Harbor. Australia was beautiful because it was so clean—people did not obviously throw trash on the streets. I loved the weather because it was cold. I remember visiting one of the beaches and it was amazing to see legit surfer dudes (surfing is really big there). It was funny because everyone was wearing swimsuits, rash guards, and the like but I was wearing pants and a sweater. I could not take the weather. It was too cold to swim.

I had a really great time in the Sydney Aquarium and that I must say was the highlight of my trip. The aquarium was so huge that it seemed like you were swimming with the fishes.  I was able to see sharks, sting rays, and NEMO! I really appreciated it. Aside from that I was able to feed a kangaroo and touch a Koala at the Taronga zoo.

Australia is a really beautiful country but it’s very pricey. I forgot what hotel we stayed in in Sydney but I remember staying in The Ridges in Brisbane (check it out). If you are on a tight budget you can check Agoda for some cheap hotels. You don’t really have to stay in a really nice hotel because you’ll be out most of the time. We took Qantas airlines back then and we paid 25k per head but that was a long time ago (2003 or 2004?). It’s more expensive now but since Cebu Pacific is offering flights going there, you can get cheap tickets. Also, you have to apply for a visa. It was easy for me because I was still a minor back then. I suggest you check the website of the Australian embassy.

Lastly, Shopping is really expensive. I remember buying from Roxy, Billabong, and Ripcurl but it was because I was with my mom. If you do not have much to spend, you can check out the flee markets or I suggest you just go and visit the zoos, mountains, beaches, and etc.

I’m starting from scratch therefore I have to go way back and start from the very beginning. I still have a lot to write so bear with me!

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