Kettle in Shangri-la Mall

My mom and grandmother used to have a catering and restaurant business back in the day. If I remember correctly, it was established in the 1970’s. It was first called “Elegant” which was named after my lola and it was changed to “Santie’s Catering” which was named after my father.  We are all foodies in the family because we are used to eating good food. Basically, we know if a dish is exceptionally delicious or not.

I am the seventh out of eight kids and I can proudly say that we all have our own specialties. The reason why I made this blog is because I’d like to share with you all my adventures. What’s an adventure without food?

People ask me how I know if a restaurant is good or not. Well, for me, I can give you one reason. IT WILL MAKE  YOU COME BACK. I’ve eaten in restaurants which are very memorable to me and everytime I think about their food,             I can immediately taste it in my mouth even if I just picture it in my head. However, those forgettable restaurants that don’t make me crave their food are obviously not good.

If there’s one restaurant that I always go to because of my cravings it would be Kettle which is located in Shangri-la Mall’s new wing. Finally, after countless of visits, I remembered to take pictures of the dishes I usually order. It was my mother who introduced this restaurant to me. She is a very picky eater therefore her recommendations are always good.

Kettle is known for their Buttermilk fried chicken. What I love about it is that it’s really crispy and the batter that they use is savory. I am a sucker for salty food.


I also love their Truffle pasta. The sauce is truffle cream with a lot of cheese. What makes this dish memorable is that you can really taste the truffle flavor. I’ve eaten in other restaurants that serve this dish however most of the time, they don’t put a lot of truffle therefore you can’t really taste the flavor.


I am a big salad fan. We ordered the kettle house salad. The dressing is balsamic vinegar with olive oil. It had a lot of bacon and cheese which I liked. You can’t go wrong with that.IMG_5582

Lastly, my mom ordered her favorite grilled cheese which was paired with sweet potato fries. I am really not a fan of grilled cheese because I find it too rich. I just took a small bite and it tasted really good especially with the sweet potato fries. So I guess for all the cheese lovers, this would be a good dish to order.


This restaurant is always full therefore I suggest that you make a reservation. I’d give this restaurant a 4.5 stars out of 5. Because of the plenty people, the waiting time can be really long. But it’s worth it! Just be prepared to be patient. I highly recommend this restaurant. Try it out!

We spent 2000 pesos for all that we ordered so I’m assuming that’s 500 pesos per dish. We were 4 people.

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