Kapitolyo Food Trip: Pomodoro Pizza

IMG_6087 IMG_6088

If you’re craving very affordable Italian food, then this restaurant is for you. Pomodoro Pizza is a hole in the wall restaurant located in the Kapitolyo area. I was craving Carbonara and Pizza but then I didn’t want to eat in the usual places I go to. I wanted to try something new. I researched online and this was the first restaurant that popped out.

I ordered Classic carbonara which was made with eggs and not the usual cream sauce (however they have that too). I liked that there was a generous amount of bacon however it was too bland for me. I had to season it with pepper and chili flakes. It lacked cheese. But for the price, it was all right. I’d give it 2/5 stars.

P 135
P 135

My boyfriend ordered the Bolognese pasta. I liked his dish more than mine! There was a generous amount of beef in the sauce. The sauce was flavorful and it wasn’t sweet which I liked. It didn’t have that “pinoy spaghetti” taste. I would give this dish a 5/5 stars.


We both ordered a 10 inch pizza to share. We were surprised that the price was only 150 pesos for the size. It was so good because of the sausages and mushrooms! But what makes it even better is the sauce of the pizza. I would give this 5/5 stars


We also ordered Mozarella sticks as our appetizer. This wasn’t really special. We thought that the cheese was too little and the breading was bland. Although, the sauce that came with it was delicious. I’d give it a 2/5 stars.


What made this food trip special was the homemade iced tea. I am not a fan of iced tea because it all tastes the same to me however theirs was different. It was sweet and it tasted like real tea. It’s at par with other expensive Italian restaurants that serve homemade iced tea. I’d give this 5/5 stars


Our total bill was 550 pesos only for two. I recommend this restaurant to people who are on a budget that want to eat Italian food. For the price and taste, I would give this restaurant a 4/5 stars. I will definitely go back to order the dishes that they are known for.

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