Cebu City: Rodeo Grill

I’ve only been to Cebu twice and it is because of work. I haven’t really had the chance to go around and explore.

As soon as we arrived in Cebu we ate in Rodeo Grill which was right beside our hotel (Elizabeth). I actually tried it two years ago and fortunately the taste is still the same and the food is very affordable. They are known for their ribs because it’s very soft, huge, and delicious!


Baby Back Ribs P 250

It looks small in the picture though but it is huge!!! It’s very tender that’s why i like it plus the sauce went well with it.

IMG_7796Sizzling Pork Chop (i forget what you call it)


I wasn’t able to taste it but my friend told me that the pork was soft and that the gravy was really delicious


Sizzling Chicken


My friend who doesn’t eat beef and pork ordered this. She liked it because the serving was huge and the chicken was tasty. However, it was drowning in sauce therefore it would be better if the put half of it on the side


Cebu Lechon Rice meal

P150 (200 grams)

This was my order!!! IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS LELCHON I’VE EVER TASTED IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!! Why? because you don’t need to eat it with sauce. It’s super tasty!!! it’s salty and you can really taste the herbs that were used to marinate it.

I wasn’t able to take photos of the steak and the fish and chips. They weren’t really memorable for me because the meat was full of fat and it was chewy. While the fish they used for the fish and chips was dory and I am so not a dory fan! It could have been better if they put more garlic in their aioli dip because it was bland. It tasted like mayonnaise only.

Overall, I like this restaurant because it’s affordable and you get more than what you pay for. I would definitely go back! I would give this 4/5.

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