Va Bene in Bonifacio High Street

I have heard a lot of good reviews about Va Bene. Because I am a huge truffle pasta fan, I made sure to try it out. Surprisingly, they have a newly opened branch in the Third Floor, Central Cinemas, Bonifacio High Street.

Here are the dishes we ordered:

BLACK INK TAGLIOLINI– mixed seafood, marinara sauce, light tomato cream sauce

It’s my first time to eat black ink pasta with marinara sauce. I liked it because the sauce went well with the pasta. The sauce had a balance of sweetness and sourness. The seafood that came with was also fresh and wasn’t overcooked. I was too full to eat a lot of this dish but I recommend it for those who prefer tomato based pasta over cream based pasta.

black ink past

Pizza al Taglio -NAPOLETANA

My friend ordered pizza which had meatballs, anchovies, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese. The pizza was square and it had a thick crust. I wasn’t able to taste it but according to my friend the serving was too small and it was too expensive for the size. It wasn’t really extraordinary.


Fresh arugula with octopus salad

I love arugula!!! You can never go wrong with it. It has this bitter taste which can be perfectly paired with vinaigrette. It was also my first time to try octopus and I surprisingly liked it because it was so fresh and soft.


ORGANIC EGGS TAGLIATELLE-White wine cream sauce, Portobello mushrooms and truffle oil.

This was really yummy because the pasta was freshly made. There was also a generous amount of sauce and you could really taste the truffle. I usually don’t like a lot of sauce in my pasta but for some reason, I enjoyed the dish so much. I didn’t get tired of the taste at all.


Overall, I definitely had a good experience with this restaurant but because it’s very popular, you might have to wait for a long time to be seated. The food was delicious because like I mentioned, the pasta used was freshly made. The serving size of the pasta was good for two people but that’s because I am the type of person who likes a variety of food and just get a little of each. There were a lot of people when I went therefore their service was slow and I completely understood that. The food wasn’t that affordable because most dishes cost P500+. BUT! If you’re craving truffle pasta, this is one of the best restaurants that serve that dish and spending P500+ is really worth it. I would give this restaurant a 4/5 stars 🙂

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