Ryuma in Paseo, Sta. Rosa

Ryuma outside

I mentioned in my previous entry that I really love Japanese food. I am a huge fan of sashimi therefore Chirashi Don is what I order everytime I eat in a Japanese restaurant. My boyfriend has been telling me about this place in Paseo, Sta. Rosa called Ryuma. Finally, he was able to bring me there last weekend. He really doesn’t like Japanese food but I was surprised that he chose that restaurant for lunch. It might really be special! Haha

This is the coolest restaurant I have been to because the waiters are in full costume depending on the festival in Japan. It has a cotton candy and popcorn stand for children (FREE!), a jukebox machine, and prizes for children to enjoy. Obviously the owner is fond of kids that’s why it’s very kid friendly!

Toys for kids
when you enter
It’s very spacious!
Jukebox and a stage! So cool right?

We ordered

  1. Tonkatsu with curry sauce (200+)

This was what my boyfriend ordered. It was really huge! The Tonkatsu wasn’t oily which I really liked! It was crispy on the outside and soft in the inside which made it really delicious. The curry definitely went well with it.


  1. California Maki (200)

What I like about this dish was that the mangoes were really sweet. I really don’t like eating this type of sushi when the mangoes aren’t ripe enough. The sushi rice was flavored well. It wasn’t that wet and sticky. It was just right.


  1. Unagi Rice meal (500)

This came with a salad and miso soup. The serving was really big. It had two big slices of unagi. I didn’t get to finish it. The fish was perfectly cooked. It was very soft. What makes this dish really delicious is that the sauce of the unagi was PERFECT!!! It was a bit sweet but flavorful! This was my favorite dish.


  1. Avocado shake (100)

This was so yummy! There was a right amount of milk and avocado. It was sweet too which my boyfriend really loved.


Special give away for guests


Special Gift for the guests
Special Gift for the guests

I really had a great experience with this restaurant because first, the place was unique. I was very entertained with everything I saw! From the cute costumes of the waiters to the activities made for children—I actually felt like a kid again! Second, the place was so entertaining that I didn’t mind if our food came late but surprisingly it did not. The service was really good. The staff was really friendly and before I left they even gave me lollipops and a lighter. Third, the prices are very affordable! The serving size was really huge and one dish can feed up to three people. We spent a total of 1000. I’d give this restaurant a 4.5/5 stars. I recommend this to people who want to experience eating in a unique Japanese restaurant. For those traveling to tagaytay, batangas, and the like, you should definitely try this out! You won’t regret it. You will not only get to taste delicious food but you’ll have fun too!

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