How a Tiny Camera Can Change Your Life

I mentioned in my previous entry that the reason why I started my blog was because of my fascination with cameras. If there was one camera that changed my life, that would be a gopro. It was my best investment ever! I’d like to share to you all why I purchased one.

In 2013, I started to work for a telecommunications company.  I would always look at underwater videos and obviously, it amazed me. I first held a Gopro when I went on a vacation with my friends in Baler. My friend brought one and he was able to capture me surfing. It was a Gopro Hero 3 black. It was powerful for its size because even if it was tiny, its lens was wide. My mentor at work is a photographer. He taught me a lot of tricks in photoshop and photography. He even gave me a lecture on why it’s good to invest in a good camera. Unfortunately, buying a Gopro wasn’t my number one priority back then. It was too pricey for me and I saw it as an expense.

Fast forward to early 2015, Gopro came out with its fourth edition—it had a screen! This is what attracted me the most. Of course, I had to ask around if it was worth it.  My brother, John told me not to buy one because I was just going flood our whatsapp group with photos (SO NOT TRUE). My sisters told me it was a waste of money if I didn’t plan on doing anything with the photos. So I told them about coming up with a blog. They still discouraged me to get one but when I asked my mentor, Sir Erwin Cabbab he told me that it was a really powerful camera. So I believed him and he was right. I finally bought one last January because I was going to leave for Phuket, Thailand.

Videography and photography are my hobbies. I like editing my videos and putting them on youtube. I’m not really an expert. In fact, I don’t even own a mac laptop. I use Gopro Studio for my videos which I do not recommend at all. I highly recommend a mac for editing videos because it is user friendly and it doesn’t crash (based on personal experience). Last month, I submitted two videos that I made to the Pismo Gopro Philippines contest. Surprisingly, my entry, “If you don’t want to Bangkok, Phuket!” I was chosen to be part of the top twenty. I was shocked because I looked at the other videos and it looked so professional. Some of the contestants used time lapse which I haven’t tried—it was really beautiful. I was invited to Pismo’s anniversary celebration.

The three winners were awarded with Gopro cameras again. Unfortunately, I was not part of the top three but being part of the top 20 was already an achievement. Thank you for choosing my video!

If You Don’t want to Bangkok, Phuket!


Why invest in a Gopro?

  1. You can bring it anywhere. It’s really tiny and light. It isn’t like an SLR which is a hassle to bring.
  2. If you’re traveling alone, it has a wide lens which can capture not just your face, but the whole background too. It’s good for selfies!
  3. It’s water proof!!!!!!! Need I say more?
  4. It has really cool accessories. I recently bought a bobber grip and a 360 wrist mount. It can be really pricey but it is very useful depending on the activity you would like to shoot. For example, I’m going to universal studios this month and I heard that they do not allow selfie sticks anymore. I bought the wrist mount so that when I ride the rollercoaster, I wouldn’t worry about letting go of the camera. You can check out Gopro Republic for affordable prices.IMG_8916

Pictures Taken with a Gopro Hero 4 silver (UNEDITED):

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  1. sj san juan says:

    Hi Marga!

    Thanks for this post. I’m actually looking for tips and tutorials on how to use Go Pro, and I stumbled upon your site. Please do share more tips 🙂

    Hope to see you around!


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