Sta. Rosa, Laguna: Enchanted Kingdom Still Exists

Wheel Of Fate

Finally after how many years, I was able to visit Enchanted Kingdom again. This theme park brings back a lot of childhood memories. I used to think that it was a super huge place before but when I went recently I realized how small it is.

10 reasons why you should go back:

  1. Your favorite rides such as Anchors Away, Space Shuttle, Log jam, and Ferris wheel still exist! You get to reminisce and look back at good memories with this park.
    Anchors Away
    swan and ferris wheel
    The Swan Ride

    log jam
    Log Jam!
  2. There are new rides that are fit for teens and adults such as Extreme Tower and Air Race. People who are afraid of heights may not want to try these rides but I suggest that you do. It’s really fun!
  3. Rialto was closed when I went but they replaced it with a 7-D interaction motion theater however you have to pay 100 pesos to watch.

  4. Mini doughnuts and Ice Monster. You get to eat this again! I haven’t had mini doughnuts in a long time because I don’t really know where to buy them therefore I was so happy when I saw the stall there! Also, how can you forget ice monster??? I was so sad when their branch in Robinson’s Galleria closed. I was surprised to still see it in EK! It’s still beside the space shuttle.
  5. New Mini games! I didn’t try the mini games because I know that I wouldn’t get to win a stuffed toy but it really looked fun (BUT HARD TO WIN). There was a variety of mini games around the park such as shoot the chicken in the bucket, toss the coin inside a colored box, smash the bottles with the ball, and etc.

    roller 2
    Space Shuttle
  6. For those kart racers out there, there’s a race track in EK! It’s just really pricey because they charge P470 for 10 minutes.
  7. There are still fireworks during the weekend!
flying fiesta
Flying Fiesta
For kids
rio grande
Rio Grande Rapids
bump cars
Bump Cars

You can’t really compare this to Disneyland, Universal Studios and the like. I highly recommend this to children because they are easier to please than adults (obviously HAHA). Well, some adults may enjoy this park because like I said, it is a trip down memory lane.

Here’s a video I made

Ticket Rates:

Weekend: P600 (Adults)

P320 (Kids)

Weekdays: P500 (Adults)

P250 (Kids)

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