Uncle Cheffy: P199 Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings

Finally, after so long I was able to eat in this restaurant again.

  1. Unlimited Chicken and Pork Cracklings

There were two types of chicken served. First, the fried chicken which was perfect with banana ketchup and second, chicken cooked in oyster sauce.

The pork cracklings on the other hand, is similar to bagnet.

The Verdict: You get what you pay for. The fried chicken for me was the best because its taste reminded me of this popular chicken restaurant which is known for its fried chicken and banana ketchup.

The chicken with oyster sauce was forgettable. The taste was confusing because it reminded me adobo and hawaiian chicken. I didn’t like it that much.

As for the pork cracklings, it was too fatty for me. I am not a pork fan thus I didn’t enjoy it that much. For some, they liked it because it was crispy like chicharon.

P199 Unlimited chicken and pork cracklings!

2. Panizza

Verdict: It was delicious because the pizza was perfect with the alfafa sprouts, lettuce, and salsa. YOU SHOULD TRY IT!


3. Leche Flan

Verdict: it didn’t taste extraordinary. There was too much air in it.


4. Oreo Cheesecake

Verdict: It was too sweet for me. I am not really a fan of sweets so my standards are high. They should have put more cream cheese and balanced it with the taste of the oreo.


If you are on a budget and really hungry, I recommend the unlimited chicken and pork dish. The sad part is that it doesn’t come with unlimited rice. The highlight of my dinner was the panizza. I liked it because it was very light and flavorful so I highly recommend it.

I’d give this restaurant a 2.8/5 stars.

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