How to Apply for a Japan Visa (For Filipinos)

UPDATED: September 9, 2016

Applying for a japan Visa is easier than you think. As you know, we are used to lining up, waiting for a very long time, and getting interviewed. However, you will not go through any of that when applying for one. In fact, the processing time is very fast and you just have to submit all your documents to an accredited travel agency.

Here is what you need to obtain a japan tourist visa (for employees and without a sponsor):

  1. Go to their website and download the form here
  2. A Photo with a size of 5cm x 4.5cm and with white background. It should be pasted on the application form.
  3. A valid passport. Remember that your passport expires 6 months before the expiry date.
  4. Original NSO Birth Certificate

I actually applied online and used a credit card. They delivered it the next day. It was indeed hassle free! It cost P350 though.

  • This is only for first timers thus you do not need it if you just plan to renew your Japan visa
  1. Original Marriage contract which you may also order online
  2. Itinerary and schedule
  • You may present this through a table and it should have the date, activity, contact number of the place and accommodation
  • Please see sample below:
    Date Time Place Activity Contact number Accomodation
    October 26 8:00PM Kansai Airpot Arrival
    October 26 9:00PM Osaka Go to hotel (Put number here) Hyatt Regency hotel
    October 27 8:00 AM Kyoto Ginkakuji Temple Hyatt Regency Hotel
    October 27 10:00 AM Kyoto Gion Hyatt Regency Hotel
  1. Bank Certificate
  • They say that you must have 100k pesos in your account however when I was looking at different blogs some said that they only had 50k pesos and they were still granted a visa. I don’t really know how much you’re supposed to have but make sure that you have enough money to travel.
  1. Stock Certificate (optional)
  • I read online that you may submit a bank certificate or a stock certificate. I actually submitted my stock certificate as well since I keep my savings there. I just wanted to make sure that I would be granted one that’s why I still got this. If you do not have this, it’s fine.
  1. ITR
  • I requested this from HR and only submitted a Xerox copy
  1. Certificate of Employment
  • I requested from our HR department the COE and submitted the original copy.

After gathering all the requirements, make sure that your signature is the same for all your documents. Check it before submitting it to an accredited travel agency. Usually, they charge a processing fee of 1000-2000 pesos. You may get it after 3-5 days.

Accredited Agencies:

  1. UHI
  2. Discovery Tour Inc. 

  1. RELI TOURS & TRAVEL AGENCY- Got mine here and paid 1600 pesos (last October 2015). My friend recently checked their price and it became more expensive (P2000).



9. Pioneer Tours

Manila Office

290-292 Dasmarinas St. Binondo, Manila

     General Manager :  Jane C. Cuyegkeng
     Office Manager :  Irene Tanchanco
     Tel #s :  245-74-61 to 66
     Fax #s :  242-96-53
     E-mail :

I re-applied with them and got a multiple entry visa. I highly recommend them because you don’t have to worry about anything! 



I actually re-applied for a Japan visa because I was going to go again this year. I was granted a multiple entry visa for 5 years (YAY). I gave the same documents but the ITR and NSO were returned to me. Another reason why I re-applied for a Japan visa is because I wanted to save money and not get a Taipei visa anymore (it’s pricier). To be honest, I was scared while waiting for my visa because I was not sure if they will grant me a multiple entry one. Luckily, they granted me one and I was able to use my Japan visa in my Taipei trip!!! A lot of my friends who re-applied were granted multiple entry visas as well. Although I cannot guarantee this. We can only pray! Lol. That’s what I did. It was a risky move. Imagine if they only granted me a single entry visa then I have to go to Japan within 3 months? I was really lucky!

Thanks, PIONEER TOURS!!! They fixed everything for me. I didn’t even submit an itinerary and a letter from my boss anymore.



Last October 2015, they granted me a single entry visa. But on May 2016, they granted me a multiple entry visa.

Japan Visa

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