How to get to Osaka from Manila: Philippine Airlines Review

I usually fly PAL for work, when I am with my mom or if the tickets are affordable. To be honest, I don’t really mind flying with a budget airline because if it can get me to my destination then I am good.  Fortunately, I was able to use Mabuhay Miles for my trip to Osaka from Manila (one way) thus I only paid for the tax which is P2600. I took Jetstar going home so please wait for my next entry because I will be writing about it as well.

I was lucky enough to stay in the Mabuhay Lounge in terminal two while waiting for my flight. I was surprised that there was a wide variety of food because according to my mom they usually serve arroz caldo and some sandwiches only.

The lounge is very comfortable. You can watch T.V., read a book, and basically just chill while waiting for departure.

mabuhay lounge 2 mabuhay lounge 1

I really enjoyed the lounge because of the food. It had panini sandwiches, quesadilla, siomai, and pesto pasta. You can even get as much drinks (beer, milk, juice, tonic water, etc.) as you want.

Was really hungry so I devoured that all. hahaha
Was really hungry so I devoured that all. hahaha
Look at all the food!
Look at all the food!

Note: The lounge is open to elite, premiere elite (can bring a guest), and million miler (can bring a guest) members only.

I flew economy and it was very uncomfortable because the leg room was small but I was blessed that I did not sit beside anyone therefore I somewhat had a little more space.



Unfortunately, PAL doesn’t offer T.V. screens for economy in A330. You have to download an application called “In Air Entertainment” and you may use your tablets and mobile phones to watch movies for free.  It said in their magazine that they also lend IPADS but when I asked the flight attendant (FA), they only offer it in business class.

inair 2

I only got to read about the “In Air Entertainment” application in the PAL magazine inside the airplane already therefore I was not aware that I had to download it before we took off. I asked the FA how I can download the application on board and she suggested that I purchase a prepaid card to access the wifi. It was actually a rip off… The sad thing was that I still wasn’t able to download the “In Air entertainment” application even if I got a wifi prepaid card. I immediately told her that there was something wrong with the connection and she happily told me that I did not need to pay the 5 dollars (PHEWWWWWWW). THANK YOU SO MUCH PAL!

You need to get this card to connect to the net. It's expensive! Not worth it too!!!!
You need to get this card to connect to the net. It’s expensive! Not worth it too!!!!

in air 2

Their food was okay for me. It wasn’t mouth watering though. Thank God for the unlimited red wine that put me to sleep. Teeheee!


I don’t recommend PAL if you’re on a budget because an economy roundtrip ticket cost 25,000-30,000 pesos and the travel time is really short (4 ½  hours) so it’s not worth it to spend that much. But hey! If you don’t mind spending that amount for a ticket and if you are a Mabuhay Miles member, then go ahead! Fly PAL.  It’s really up to you.

Other Airlines that fly directly to Osaka from Manila:

Jetstar (which I will feature in my next entry)

Cebu Pacific

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  1. Big or small leg room, I wanna go to Japan!


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