Halal Guys in Manila: Is it worth the wait?

My sister who lives in New York would always tell me that if I go there, we would go on a food trip. Halal Guys would be part of the list. Fortunately, the famous food truck opened recently in the 5th level SM Mega Food Hall, SM Megamall.

menu 3

People have been raving about this food chain ever since it got here. As seen in some blog posts, the lines are insanely long. There was even a time that it reached the ice skating rink. The question is, is it really worth the wait?

I ordered the gyro and chicken combo.

shawarma 2
P300 Gyro (beef) and Chicken combo- Comes with jasmine rice, pita bread, lettuce, tomatoes, and its famous creamy white sauce. Red chili sauce can be put upon request on the side or on top.

preparation menu1 menu 2

The verdict:

My expectations were really high because a lot of people have been saying that it tastes exactly like the one in NYC. But I have never been there nor have I ever tried it. So I really wouldn’t know. But the fact that it tastes the same for them means that it must be really delicious.

I was kind of disappointed when I got my first bite because I was really expecting more. The beef and chicken were tender but the amount served was too small. I liked the chicken more because it was more flavorful than the beef. My only concern was that both were a bit dry.

As for the white sauce, it was actually very delicious because it had this tangy taste however the amount put was again, too little. You have to pay if you want extra. What really stood out for me was the chili red sauce. The cashier warned me that it was really hot and indeed it was. It added a kick to the gyro and chicken that I got which made it tastier.

As a first timer, I just wanted to know how it tasted like because of the hype but it is not something that I would crave or look for. Trying it once is enough for me. In addition, I also found it pricey. As mentioned earlier, a small combo of gyro and chicken cost 300 pesos and it had a small amount of meat.

According to E, “It’s nothing spectacular but it’s also not that bad.”

I would rate it a 3/5 stars.

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