Day 2: Universal Studios Japan (Osaka)

Ticket Price: 7000 Yen

Marga and the globe
Mandatory picture with the famous globe!
Outside USJ. Notice the sign? People were in costume!


They had super nice trees outside the park

When I went to Universal Studios Singapore, I made sure to get an express pass so that I may experience all the rides. I was thinking of getting an express pass in Universal Studios Japan however, it was too pricey and its terms weren’t the same as the one of USS. Since I was also going there alone I realized that I did not need one anymore because they usually have a special line for those who do not have companions.

I went to Universal Studios Japan last October 27, 2015 which was a Tuesday. There were a lot of people (it was manageable) however I didn’t wait in line that long because I was alone. I suggest that you go on a week day because more people go on weekends. When I went, it was days before Halloween so people were in costume which was so cool. Haha Had my picture taken with random strangers!

Made friends with random people in costume
me and a slut
They were nice enough to have a picture with me


What you should do first:

  • Wizarding world of Harry Potter
me outside hogwarts
Outside the Wizarding World of HP

dervish banges

It’s so cool that most people were in costume!

Snapseed (19)

Snapseed (26)
Snapseed (30)
Not a potterhead but i was ecstatic to be there!

Parkoutside of train

me in hogwarts

hphp2hogwarts again

HP Ticket
The HP ticket which you get also inside the park. NO NEED TO PAY FOR IT!

You have to get a separate ticket to enter but don’t worry because you do not have to pay. The reason why you need another ticket is because it is the main attraction of the park. Only a certain amount of people are allowed to go in every hour.

I was only allowed to enter during my timeslot but the good part is that you can stay longer than an hour! I was there from 11:00 am until 4:00 PM. I spent most of my time there!

me in hogwarts 2
Me outside Hogwarts
hogwarts outside
You can line up for the ride here
You may also opt to just tour the castle
hogwats 2

hogwarts in front

Hogwarts Express
walls of hogwarts

I lined up for 3 hours for the Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey ride but it was worth it!!! YOU SHOULD LINE UP FOR THIS!!! IT’S SOOOOOO AWESOME! I don’t want to spoil it so I won’t say anything about the ride. HAHA

As usual the souvenir shop was pricey but if you’re a Potterhead get something. I bought my sister a chocolate frog and wand which cost 1500 yen.

What you should not miss:

  1. Backdrop (Rollercoaster)

It wasn’t that scary for me but it was so cool because it isn’t your typical rollercoaster. It’s called backdrop because obviously it moves backwards. Haha Just like Universal Studios Singapore’s Battle Star Galactica ride, this also has 2 lines, the normal one and the extreme one. Backdrop is the extreme one so I suggest you try it!


  1. Spiderman

If you’ve been to USS, it’s similar to the Transformer’s ride but better! Only downside is that it’s in Japanese. I didn’t really understand the story but I was still amazed.

My boyfriend’s favorite character


I wasn’t able to go Jurassic Park anymore because I had no time and it requires a ticket as well. I was able to go to Water World but I did not finish the show because it was also in Japanese. Basically I was very satisfied with my Harry Potter experience that I didn’t really mind not going to the other worlds. I was able to go to the Sesame Street, Snoopy, and Hello Kitty land but it was for kids therefore I didn’t really enjoy.


Since it was Halloween, zombies were all over the place to scare people.  The walking dead!

zombie 2


My lunch- Shrimp poppers with fries


  1. It’s better to buy tickets beforehand so that you don’t need to line up
  2. Go on a week day or when it isn’t a holiday in Japan so that there won’t be a lot of people
  3. Go there via train because it’s cheaper and faster
  4. Wear rubber shoes and comfortable clothes
  5. Bring cash just in case they do not accept credit cards
  6. You can sneak in food and water
  7. If you’re traveling alone, you can ask strangers to take your pictures! They are really friendly.
  8. Get an express pass if you really want to skip the lines and if you’re with someone
  9. Bring a water bottle because there are water fountains in the park




Activity Price (YEN)
Day 2 27-Oct Universal Studios 7000
Food 520
Butter beer 600
TOTAL: 8120






4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    I went in Sept and my ticket was 7,200 yen. Did they drop the price? Haha! I did buy the express pass, which was the same price as the entrance ticket. But worth it, since I didn’t have to rush for the Harry Potter time ticket and could line up for the Biohazard The Real time ticket. I see you didn’t do the Biohazard The Real. It was awesome.

    On a side note, how are you not a Potterhead?!


    1. MargaGoes says:

      Omg! Wasn’t able to try that either. 😦 I definitely have to go back. Like I said, I was too occupied with the Wizarding World of HP that I didnt really care about the other worlds hahaha anyway, thanks for the comment 🙂 will try that tide when I go back to Japan. 🙂


      1. Jeyna Grace says:

        Biohazard The Real only comes around during the Halloween months. So if you want to try it, be sure to go back during Aug-Oct 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. MargaGoes says:

    Got it!!! Thanks so much! 🙂


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