Osaka Castle and Taikoen Garden (Japan Day 3)

Rode the train for the very first time and I was actually really nervous because I didn’t know how to use the machine. Luckily, I overheard two Filipinos talking so I approached them and asked for help. They were nice enough to teach me how to operate it. They even accompanied me in the train.

new friends
The two Filipinos who helped me. Thanks so much!!!
train way
It’s so easy to switch lines here!
subway machine
How the machine looks like

How to get a train ticket:

  1. Make sure you know what station you’re going to
  2. Press English
  3. Look at the chart (above or beside the machine) and look for the station
  4. You will see how much you have to pay in the chart so keep the amount in mind
  5. Insert the money first in the machine before you press anything
  6. Press the amount of the station you are going to
  7. Get the ticket and/or change

Note: You have to put the money first in the machine because you won’t be able to operate it without putting anything inside. It’s not like Singapore wherein you see a virtual map and press the station you’re going to. In Japan, you just have to know how much the station is because you will not see any map in the machine.

Japan Railway System

How to get to Osaka Castle:

Take a train to Morinomiya C19 station (320 yen) and the castle is walking distance from there


The park has a really big fountain
It’s a long walk so get ready!
what youll pass
What you’ll see going to the castle
walking there
More Trees


more tress

You will pass a park with a big fountain. You will see lots of trees. Be prepared to hike because the road is steep going to the castle.

You’ll pass by a bridge
osaka castle 1
Osaka Castle
osaka 3
Mandatory Tourist Photo.
The reflection of the castle

Osaka castle2

You don’t need to pay to see the castle up close

When you enter the gate, you’ll see some stores and restaurants.

It’s very pricey because it’s a tourist spot




outside castle
This is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the castle

Entrance Fee: 600 Yen

You are allowed to take pictures inside the castle except in two floors. Most people opt not to go in anymore because they think that picture taking isn’t allowed at all but it’s not true.

If you’re interested in Japan’s history then you should check it out. I actually liked it because aside from the artifacts, there were different screens that showed how the castle came about. But it isn’t typical because it looked like a hologram. It was really cool.

When you reach the top of the castle, you’ll see a really nice view. I was able to make a new friend from China who was also traveling alone. His name is Henry. He was also kind enough to take my pictures.


I didn’t walk to Morinomiya station anymore because I was really tired. There’s a station near the castle but I forget what it was. anyway, you can just google it up.


Taikoen Garden

For dinner, I met up with my mom in the Taikoen Garden. She had a fancy shmancy dinner with her bosses so she invited me. This was the only time we saw each other.

mom again


Cool Japanese entertainer

We had an 8-course meal. IT WAS SOOOOOO DELICIOUS.

Appetizer: Tofu, sweet potatoes, pork cold cuts, squash seeds
Sashimi which was soooo fresh
clear soup
Clear soup
Sea bass with shrimps and onions
Steak with vegetables
Sushi with miso soup which they served towards the end
Cake for dessert which I wasn’t able to finish
Day 3 28-Oct Osaka Castle 600 Yen
Train Going to Castle 320 Yen
Train going back 320 Yen
total: 1240


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