Kyoto Japan: Temple Hopping (Day 5)

Japan Railway System

How to get to Kyoto? Go to Umeda station and ride the JR line to Kyoto

One-way price: 580 Yen

It was my first time to get lost because I hopped on the wrong train. Luckily, I asked a man for help and he was kind enough to tell me where to get down.  Always remember that there’s a schedule that you need to follow. You cannot just ride any train even if it’s going the same direction because Japan is so big. ALWAYS FOLLOW THE SCHEDULE AND LOOK AT THE LCD SCREEN! Like I said in my previous blog, the train system is easy to understand however it isn’t like Singapore or Hong Kong.

Once you arrive in Kyoto station look for the Tourist Information Center. All you need to know about the place is there because the people speak in English. Also, you may get different kinds of map depending on the transportation you would like to take.

Get an unlimited bus pass for a day! It’s so worth it. I was able to visit 3 temples. I suggest you take this because you will not walk that far. Make sure you ride the right bus because I got lost and had to pay more. Apparently, the unlimited bus pass only works when you go to the tourist attractions.


bus stop
Bus stop


Tokyo Bus pass
500 YEN




  1. Ginkakuji Temple or the silver pavilion


Ginkakuji 2
Silver Pavilion

Transportation: Bus

It took me an hour to get there because it was really far. The reason why I chose to go to this temple first was because I wanted to save the best for last. I wanted to end my day with the Golden Pavilion but sadly I wasn’t able to go. I got a nice picture of the Ginkakuji temple but I was kind of disappointed because I wasted a lot of time. Yes it is beautiful but had I known it would be that far, I would have gone to the Golden Pavilion instead of this.


entrance fee of ginkakuji temple
You have to pay first before entering the Ginkakuji Temple


entrance in ginkakuji

Ginkakuji park


Bamboo in ginkakuji

Stores in ginkakuji
More shops


picture with samurai
I just had to hahaha


food in ginkakuji
Bought a snack that tasted like fish balls




2. Gion

gion entrance2

Transportation: Bus

Entrance fee: Free

I was really amazed because I was able to see temples, shops, gardens, restaurants, food stalls, and the like. I was surprised that the place was sooooooo huge!!!



I got really lost going here from Ginkakuji temple. I rode the wrong bus and ended up somewhere else. I had to pay extra because the unlimited bus pass did not work. Apparently, the bus pass can only be used in certain stops.


Gion Entrance
gion fountain
Street food


Gion temples
You will be seeing a lot of this
gion street food
more food!

gion 3 gion 2


I had a great time here because I was amazed at the women in kimonos haha


orange temples more kimonos

geisha and park gion nice park

walking close up temple


front few temples
You have to pay extra to go inside this temple

brown temples


geisha and temples more gion temples

DSCF1403 DSCF1412


Mandatory shot

3. Kyozimudera Temple


Best kyozu
Kyozumidera temple 

Transportation: Bus

Entrance fee: 300 yen

It was indeed a long walk to get to the top. What’s nice about this temple is that you can go inside. It isn’t like the Ginkakuji temple wherein you just go there to take pictures. In this temple, you can write your wishes and hang it up. Also, there’s a fountain wherein people wash their hands. It’s a ritual for the Japanese. I’m assuming it’s to remain pure. On your way to the temple, you will pass a lot of stores that sell food and souvenirs. You will also pass some other temples. The place is again, very huge! Be prepared to get tired.

street sign

Long and steep road going to the temple


japan streets



going to the temples
It was so crowded
more towers
What you’ll see when you get to the top! More temples.


more kyozu
It was so worth it!!!


more wishes
Write your wishes here


kyozu me
Kiyozimudera temple


kyo zu
view from below

orange temple

There are restaurants outside


Park going to temple ritual

G0535319  I got hungry so I stopped to eat in this restaurant that served really delicious beef.

resto 2
I saw this restaurant on my way back and it was so good!


cook beef
1382 yen It’s similar to yabu but it’s beef that you have to cook according to the way you want it.


4. Fushimi Inari Shrine


inari at night 2

Entrance Fee: Free

Transportation: Train

How to get there: Go back to Kyoto station via bus and then ride a train to Inari

I went at night because I ran out of time. It’s better to visit this in the morning because there weren’t a lot of lights. I wasn’t able to take a nice picture of the torii gates. But because this is a famous place in Kyoto, I just really had to go there! The park is so huge! I didn’t want to explore anymore because it was really dark and scary. I just took a picture with the temples and the famous torii gates. inari at night more of inari

fushimi more inari

more gates inari 3

inari DSCF1531


Met new friends!




Ended my day in Umeda station and bought some Yakitori sticks DSCF1536

DSCF1539 DSCF1538

Tips and reminders for Kyoto:

  1. Make sure that you have at least two days for this trip because there are so many temples, shrines, and etc. to see. My one day was not enough but I am still fortunate that I was able to visit 4 out of 5 temples I wanted to see.
  2. If you plan to go on a day trip, START EARLY and remember to WISELY CHOOSE the temples and shrines that you want to see.
  3. Always start at the tourist information center because from there, you will be able to know what other places you should visit. Also, if you have questions you can ask anyone there because they speak English.
  4. I suggest that you get an unlimited tourist bus pass (you can purchase this in the Tourist Information Center) instead of getting the unlimited tourist train pass. You will need to do more walking if you choose to ride the train. I took the bus and I got really tired because it was a long walk but what more if you ride the train? The only time to ride a train is when you will be visiting the Inari shrine because it’s right in front of the station.
  5. Bring cash because most shops do not accept credit cards.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes because the roads going to the temples are very steep.
  8. Make sure to get a map depending on the transportation you would like to use.
  9. Always ask around if you’re lost. They are very friendly and nice there.
  10. If you get an unlimited tourist bus pass make sure that you’re in the correct bus stop because if not, they might charge you extra. I got lost and ended up somewhere which definitely is not a tourist place thus I had to pay for extra for the ticket. REMEMBER THAT THE PASS ONLY COVERS TEMPLES, SHRINES, AND OTHER TOURIST DESTINATIONS.


Day 5 30-Oct-15 Train to Kyoto 580
Unlimited bus pass 500
Food in Ginkakuji 250
Ginkakuji Entrance Fee for adults 500
 Kyozumidera entrance 300
Food in Kyozumidera 1382
Train to Inari 140
Mishap in the bus 160
Train back to Osaka 580
Umeda street food 300
Total: 4692 YEN


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