How much does it cost to go to Osaka, Nara, and Kyoto for 7 days?

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Some people say that Japan is a very expensive country but after my trip I realized that it is very affordable. It really depends on what you want to do and what city you want to visit. According to my friends, Tokyo is more expensive than Osaka but I haven’t really gone to Tokyo therefore I cannot really compare. But! After my trip, I was surprised at how much I spent because I was expecting to go over 50,000 pesos.

In this entry, I will be showing you a breakdown of my expenses.

  1. Lodging, Airfare, Travel Tax, and Visa

My expenses:

Amount in Php
Lodging free
Airfare (one way) 6000
Travel Tax 1650



I was really lucky that my lodging was free and that I was able to use miles for my ticket going there but how much do you really need for your flight and lodging?

Cebu Pacific and Jetstar fly directly to Osaka and most of the time they have a seat sale so you better watch out for that. Do not forget to count your travel tax as well. As for the visa, the amount varies per travel agency. Mine was really pricey so look for an agency that has a cheaper rate.

My expenses assuming that I paid for lodging and my round trip ticket:

                 Amount in Php
Lodging (hostel or AirBnB) 6000 (for 6 nights)
Air Fare 10,000
Travel Tax 1650
Visa 1600
Total amount in pesos PHP 19,250

You can find a cheaper airfare. This is just my estimate. Also, if you’re traveling alone I’m assuming that you will be spending PHP 1000 per night. If you’re with a group then you might be spending less.

  1. Food

The challenging part about my trip was that I was alone therefore I couldn’t half my bill with anyone. The servings also were really big therefore I wasn’t able to finish most of my food. Our hotel had breakfast thus I ate a lot so that I won’t be hungry throughout the day which helped me save a lot of money. Also, I did not worry about water because the hotel gave us complimentary bottles of water which was a big help in cutting down my expenses for food.

My expenses:

Amount in Yen
Food in USJ 520
Butter beer 600
Takoyaki 550
Ramen 750
Gyoza 400
Food in Ginkakuji 250
Food in Kyozimudera 1382
Umeda street food 300
Takoyaki 210
Mochi 150
Premium Roast 1382
Rice 194
Deer Chips 150
Total in Yen 6838 Yen
Total in Peso PHP 2644.89


I did not really get that hungry because it was so cold!!! I did not spend that much for food because I had free breakfast and there was a night when I was also treated to dinner but assuming that I had breakfast this would be the cost:

Amount in Yen
Food in USJ 520
Butter beer 600
Takoyaki 550
Ramen 750
Gyoza 400
Food in Ginkakuji 250
Food in Kondimoriya 1382
Umeda street food 300
Takoyaki 210
Mochi 150
Premium Roast 1382
Rice 194
Deer Chips 150
Breakfast 5,600 (800 yen a day)
Total in Yen 12438 yen
Total in Pesos PHP 4,810


My flight going there was late at night therefore I did not spend anything in Day 1. I just slept. On my last day, I didn’t also spend anything because my flight was early. I just had breakfast in the hotel which was free. There are a lot of affordable restaurants in Japan and it would be better if you’re with someone so that you can share. The servings are really big so being with someone will definitely make you save a lot of money.

  1. Transportation

It’s really easy to get around Japan because their train system is FANTASTIC! But you have to keep in mind that choosing your lodging is very critical. If you can walk from your place to wherever or if it’s near Namba or Dotonburi then that would be good because you will get to save a lot of money. I stayed in Hyatt and it was right beside the MRT station which was very convenient but it wasn’t walking distance to the shopping district. It was hard for me because the train closes at 11 or 12 therefore I couldn’t stay that long in Dotonburi. I basically had a curfew because of the train. Hahaha I was gone by 10 PM. Never take a cab because it’s really expensive!!!

My Expenses:

Amount in Yen
Train Going to Castle 320
Train going back to Nakafuto (My hotel) 320
Train to Osakako 240
Train to namba 280
Train to Kyoto 580
Unlimited bus pass 500
Train to Inari 140
Train back to osaka 580
Train to Nara 800
Train going back to Osaka 800
Train to Namba 280
Train going back to Nakafuto 280
Total amount in yen 5120 YEN
Total amount in pesos 1980 PHP

Note: My starting point is Nakafuto station which is where my hotel was.

Spent a day in Nara and Kyoto and realized that I should have just stayed the night in Kyoto and went to Nara from there.

  1. Entrance fees

I was able to save a lot in my Kyoto and Nara trip because most of the temples and shrines did not have an entrance fee. If you think that you will be spending a lot for your Kyoto and Nara trip then you’re wrong. The only thing you have to worry about is your train ride and your bus pass.

Entrance Fee and Passes Amount in Yen
Universal Studios 7000
Osaka Castle 600
Aquarium 2300
Ginkakuji Entrance Fee 500
 Kyozimudera entrance 300
Total Amount in Yen 10700 Yen
Total Amount in Pesos PHP 4138


  1. Others: Shopping/Pasalubong

You will get to save a lot of money if you decide not to shop but Osaka isn’t that expensive. You will find lots of affordable things! Especially in Daiso.

My shopping expenses:

Amount in Yen
Watch 4000
Daiso 730
Keychain 160
Grocery 2300
Daiso Pasalubong 900
Royce Chips 750
Royce Chips 751
Uniqlo Tops 1390
Uniqlo Tops 1391
Total Amount in yen 12,372
Total Amount in Pesos PHP 4785



Amount in PHP
Lodging 6000
Airfare with Travel Tax 11650
Visa 1,600
Food 4,810
Transpo 1,980
Entrance fees 4,138
Shopping and Pasalubong 4,785
Total in PHP PHP 34,963

You can save a lot of money by watching out for a seat sale. It’s better to travel with someone so that you can split the bill especially if you plan to stay in a hotel or rent a room in AirBnB. The lodging and the airfare is just my estimate because like I mentioned, my lodging was free and I only paid for a one-way ticket because I used miles. I suggest that you research and check out other blogs because some people’s budget were lesser than mine. Hope my entry helps you in your future travels. Goodluck!

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  1. Louise Ramos says:

    This is really helpful. Thanks a lot! I’ve always thought of Tokyo when thinking of a Japan trip. Now I’m considering if I should just save up for Osaka first so I could make my trip happen sooner, haha. I just going back from a trip but reading your Japan posts makes my feet go all itchy :))
    Caffeine Rush


    1. MargaGoes says:

      You should go to both but you will need a lot of time. If you like the city more then you should visit Tokyo but if you want a more peaceful and scenic place then you should go to Osaka! 🙂 Goodluck and I hope you push through with your trip! 🙂


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