My first AirBnB (AirBed and Breakfast) Experience

I finally tried AirBnB last November when I went to Hong Kong for work. I extended my trip therefore I needed an affordable place to stay in for a night.

I was with my two other friends and we booked a studio for 5 people in Mong Kok.

full room 3

full room
How the room looks like


Our host, Alan was really kind. He picked us up from Mong Kok station and brought us to the place. Before that, we were constantly communicating with each other through whatsapp which I really appreciated.

Check in time is 2pm but we met up with him at 11pm because my friends and I went to Disneyland and Ocean Park. Even if we checked in really late, he waited for us and did not even mind at all. We paid 925 per head which wasn’t bad at all considering that we were only 3. Imagine if we were 5? Then we would have paid less.

What I liked about my experience:

  1. It was so easy to book because you just need a credit card and an AirBnB account
  2. The host took care of my friends and I and made sure to bring us to the place
  3. The room had wifi, TV, a small kitchen with some utensils.

kitchen again kitchen4. It was beside the MTR station which was easily accessible

5. The room was small but really clean

6. The place is very affordable

What I did not like about my experience:

  1. The bathroom was too small that the shower was on top of the toilet

bath 2 bathroom again

nathroom 12. The description saying that it’s good for 5 people was really misleading because the room was so small and it’s only good for 3-4 people.

3. There is no such thing as a late check out. We really had to leave 12 noon sharp.

4. The mattresses were a bit hard which was a little uncomfortable.


  1. Ask someone to invite you and then sign up through that link so that you get a discount (P900 off)
  2. Look at the number of reviews and read it carefully so that you know what to expect
  3. Look at ALL the pictures. PICTURES DO NOT LIE. This was my mistake. I didn’t see the picture of the bathroom therefore I was shocked that it was so small and the toilet was below the shower. HAHAHA
  4. Read the description because you will know if the room has wifi, a heater, aircon, and etc. Some even charge extra fee for cleaning so READ IT ALL so that you won’t be surprised when you see your bill.
  5. Make sure you know where the location of your place is. Be careful because even if it may look nice but it’s really far from the attractions or city then you might spend more.
  6. Read the description regarding cancellation because most hosts are very strict and do not offer a refund.

Will I recommend AirBnB?

Of course!!! I am not really choosy therefore I don’t need to stay in a fancy hotel because most of the time I’ll be out. However, ALWAYS REMEMBER TO CHOOSE WISELY! According to my cousin, it also depends on the country. Not all people have a good experience with AirBnB. But like I said, read the reviews, look at all the pictures, know the location, and RESEARCHHHH! I would rate my experience a  4/5.


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  1. Thanks for the pointers!


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