Where to stay in Hong Kong? Intercontinental Hotel Review


Location: 18 Salisbury rd. Tsim Shah Tsui (Kowloon side)

Price: PHP 14,000- 50,000 per night

What I liked about my stay in the hotel:

  • The location! It was near all the shopping malls and it had a beautiful view of the harbor
  • The breakfast buffet was delicious and there was a wide variety of food to choose from
  • The rooms were equipped with smartphones that had LTE which you can bring out therefore you do not need to rent a pocket wifi anymore
  • The rooms were really big and comfortable
room gorpo
We were three so we had an extra bed. It was still spacious even if there was an extra bed

room 3

room 1

  • The bathroom was huge as well and it had a Jacuzzi


banyo 5
banyo 5
I am very choosy when it comes to the bathroom and I was so happy when I saw how big and grand the bathroom was
Banyo 4
Fit for a princess
banyo 3
Isn’t that gorgeous?
Banyo 2
So sad that there was no bidet!!! 😦

banyo 1

  • The service was fantastic because the staff was friendly and answered all our queries in English
  • It’s beside an MTR station
  • There’s an infinity pool overlooking the harbor


lobby 2

lobby umaga Lobby

overlooking harbor window


  • There was an unlimited supply of water bottles
  • The wifi was so fast

Will I recommend this hotel?

Definitely! I had a really fantastic experience and I would recommend this hotel to those who are NOT on a budget. The rooms are really pricey but you really get what you pay for—excellent service and location. I suggest though that you stay here during New Year’s Eve because of the view. This hotel is perfect for families, couples, and big groups. If you’re traveling solo then it would be best to look for a cheaper place.

I would rate my experience a 5/5 stars.

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