How to get to Hong Kong? Cathay Pacific Review


Outside of the plane I really had a great experience with Cathay Pacific when I flew with them last October. Going to HK our flight was not delayed and even if I was economy, I felt like I was in business class. Perhaps it’s because I’m used to flying with budget airlines. LOL. Anyway, what made the experience really memorable was that the service was excellent. What I liked about my experience:


  • The legroom was so huge which was really comfortable
  • The seats were big and soft
  • There was inflight entertainment even if the flight was short

More entertainment cathay love

  • They served delicious food. We had chicken pie, cookies, and orange juice.
  • The flight attendants were friendly.
  • When our flight was delayed going home, they gave out free dinner and starbucks
  • You can check in in the airport express station. If your flight is at night then you can just drop by the station to leave your baggage then do last minute shopping and etc.

Will I recommend this airline?

Definitely! Surprisingly, the airfare we got was really affordable compared to other airlines. I would definitely book with Cathay again because it’s really worth it. Some airlines are insanely expensive and do not offer what Cathay offers. If you plan to go to HK then I highly recommend this airline because aside from the affordable tickets, their service is excellent.

I would rate my experience a 4.5/5 stars.

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