What to do in Hong Kong? Visit Ocean Park

Price: 345 HKD

How to get there? Alight at admiralty station and from there take bus 629

Just follow the sign in the MTR station to get to this stop


Use your octopus card for this

I definitely enjoyed my trip to Ocean Park even if I was alone. The park was really huge and aside from the animals, the rides were appropriate for adults like me. As soon as you arrive, you have to take the Ocean Express or a cable car to go to the other side of the mountain. THE VIEW IS BREATHTAKING!!! If you go to HK then you should do this!

Ocean Express. Get ready for some entertainment!




It was Christmas time so there was a tree in the Waterfront


What not to miss:

  1. Ocean Park Tower- this ride basically just makes you see the whole park from the top. I really enjoyed it because I was able to take a lot of pictures. Though it can be boring for some but for those who love taking pictures and who would like to see a beautiful view then you should not miss this.
    View from the top


    That’s how high the tower is!
  2. The Hair Raiser- It wasn’t that scary because it was slow24431928525_722457a657_k 24323725382_f2158436b8_k 24405723566_d2ec2efdc1_k
  3. The Flash- this was the scariest ride for me because it was so high and it turns 360 degrees. I guess it’s better if you ride this with someone. I was closing my eyes the whole time. Lol 24349374291_6324296c7e_k24432062365_1e65423943_k24349610211_f3b19beb3d_k

    You better ride this with someone!
  4. The Abyss- I wanted to conquer my fear of heights therefore I rode this one alone. It’s not as scary as the Flash though but I enjoyed it because of the view from the top 24064423389_b31f6e05a6_k23805429493_ff9ac9d340_k
  5. Mine train- This rollercoaster scarier than the Hair Raiser because it’s at the edge of the mountain. If you look down you can see the ocean already and it felt like was going to fall
    See how deep that is?


  6. The Dragon- Another rollercoaster similar to the Hair Raiser but not as scary as Mine Train 24064324589_cfc2eb2620_k
  7. Jelly fish spectacular- IT WAS REALLY BEAUTIFUL!!! 24136274810_18915ebc8e_k24405680366_8b1942cd61_k24323636672_79a5948cef_k23803702654_9a366935cf_k24405693116_b0a9c6cdf1_k24064092969_0b8f4b5058_k24064098389_18e82b07ee_k
  8. Old Hong Kong- I wasn’t able to spend a lot of time in this place but I really liked it because it shows you what HK was before. It’s basically a street full of shops and restaurants24431818755_deda42b6a0_k24063987139_9f59712e51_k23803576454_c05607eb43_k124431760945_b00c9e0094_k23805125703_704af0f2f8_k24405712046_c9860cf579_k
  9. Emperors of the sky- Bird show (No photos though)
  10. The Grand aquarium 24136332640_63c8c28c28_k24323930742_283d5d7b41_k24323925102_6cf1963731_k24405901856_168c3ab2c4_k24136581000_5ae6904198_k24323817132_15fc720e20_k24405675116_f9cf3f2c00_k 24405554236_4983b1a846_k24064036079_0fd6fa2729_k.jpg24349682081_0b4191c613_k.jpg23803932434_7fb428eb7d_k
  11. Ocean Theater- it was fun even if it was in chinese 23803927514_69eed4ff4b_k24136186760_a69cc7e748_k
  12. Cable car
    It was actually really scary also because everytime I would move it would sway! haha


  13. Pacific Pier- Sea lions galore! 24349336641_84308e2fc9_k
  14. The Panda- I wasn’t able to take a picture of it though 😦 It was sleeping!
  15. Whirly Bird
    You should ride this with your children


  16. Eagle    24136202080_cda4ccdbc7_k24323561882_19b8418ae8_k



  1. Go on a weekday so that there won’t be a lot of people
  2. They have an express pass which you can avail if you don’t want to wait
  3. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money for food you can sneak in some. LOL But there’s a McDonald’s also inside so you don’t have to worry! You just have to find it though
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothes that can get wet
  5. Go early to avoid more people
  6. Wait for the sunset!!! It’s so beautiful.
  7. DO NOT RIDE THE CABLE CAR IF THE LINE IS LONG! Use the Ocean Express to go to the Summit during the day.
  8. Ride the cable car back to the Waterfront at around 6-7pm so that there won’t be a lot of people.
  9. Try riding the Park Tower during the sunset because the view is beautiful
  10. Some rides are not worth riding thus make sure that when you get there you know which ones to ride to save time and to explore all the aquariums!


Will I recommend this?

Of course! I really enjoyed it even if I’m not a kid anymore. What’s nice about the park is that it’s for all ages. There are rides for kids and adults. In addition, the aquarium was big and had all sorts of creatures. You will also be able to learn about animals and see their habitats. It isn’t only a theme park. It’s also a zoo, museum, and the like. Just be prepared to spend a lot of money for food and souvenirs. J it’s really pricey!

I would rate my experience a 5/5.


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