Temple Hopping in Cambodia and Pub Street (Day 2)


One day temple pass: 20 USD


8:00 Left the hotel and did the Angkor Small Circuit tour

We hired a tuktuk for a day and we paid 20 usd for 4 people so that’s 5 USD each which wasn’t bad at all. You can opt to ride a bike, an ATV, or a car.

20 USD for the whole day for 4 Pax

We ended up choosing a tuktuk because it was more affordable. I highly recommend riding a tuktuk if you’re on a budget. If not, then you can ride a car or an ATV. I don’t recommend riding a bike if you’re not fit because you’ll get so tired. In addition, the weather is really hot. When we went there, we were lucky that it was cloudy and cool.

Visited the following Temples (8-5pm with lunch break in between):

  1. South Gate Angkor Thom/Victory Gate 
  2. Bayon Temple 24487910430_e3c989f44f_k24780816616_c7d3729f30_k24156964564_4bcdc945b5_k24417430319_18b124615f_k



  3. Baphuon 24785388695_52b9a45495_k24157151564_0f0753e65d_k24807090255_03da0727d0_k24178889424_a161fcc472_k


  4. Terrace of Elephants 24666408502_6082d645d3_k124508567080_91879a7cea_k24666386082_39586bd834_k
  5. Ta Phrom-This is where they shot Tomb Raider
    The Entrance


    The temple is filled with big trees


  1. Angkor Wat 24439423099_b00b756917_k24807100925_179848c221_k24713607251_b8e32dfba1_k24689242192_6006fbca33_k24785398805_ce36e8130a_k24157774464_0c364f1943_k24157663424_3e7e7fc570_k24759689356_fbd1496d42_k24783730475_b27943450d_k
  2. Phnom Bakheng This was our last temple. We had to climb to the top to catch the sunset and see the view. Sadly, it was really cloudy thus we weren’t able to see the sunset. We got so tired because it was really steep going up. It was our last temple thus we were all so tired already.24756286746_f1a73afcf2_k24418293259_747cc20af9_k24414857009_d71377a6b5_k24664687722_b38ad3208e_k24180205983_e11bc7b8d1_k


12:30 PM LUNCH 

Our tuk tuk driver brought us to this restaurant to eat lunch. It was pricey and it wasn’t super delicious. The servings were really small thus I don’t want to elaborate about it anymore. When you usually ask your tuktuk driver where to eat they bring you to the expensive and touristy places thus you will be spending a lot more. There is a language barrier thus it’s hard to explain to them what restaurant you want. I suggest that when you see something, point it to them right away.


Got a massage in the hotel which was so relaxing! We were so tired from the tour and we really needed a massage to rejuvenate us so that we could still go out. The masseuse was really good even if she didn’t use oil. Usually I would doze off and sleep afterwards but instead, I was energized! We were able to go to Pub Street.


24689949131_e50e7edd0e_k24665734482_25ea65a5d9_k24781328656_70b0248182_k24439918059_c163a4b23b_kEriko and I had dinner in this Italian restaurant which was so affordable. Afterwards we had a few drinks. We paid a total of 18 dollars for everything that we ordered. The servings were really big for the price and it was really filling.

Burger with fries
Blue Cheese pasta which was sooooo good!
Meatlovers Pizza
Got a glass of wine to go with our dinner! It was only 3 dollars



  1. Make sure you get your temple pass before going to the temples because without it, you will not be able to enter.
  2. Wear an old pair of rubber shoes because you will do a lot of walking and climbing. Your shoes will get dirty because of the dust so it’s better to wear old ones.
  3. You won’t be allowed to enter some temples if you are not in proper attire. Make sure you wear pants and something with sleeves. If you don’t want to wear pants, then bring it with you so that you can wear it on top of your shorts. You can also bring a jacket, cardigan, or a shirt you can wear above your sleeveless top. If you really want to wear shorts then make sure it’s knee-length.
  4. Do not bring a lot of stuff because you will do a lot of climbing and you’ll just get tired.
  5. Bring a small bottle of water, a small towel, an extra shirt. You’ll get really sweaty and dirty because of the dust!
  6. It’s better if you ride a tuktuk or a car so that you won’t get tired easily. The heat is insane.
  7. Be cautious during when entering or climbing a temple because it’s very steep. You might get injured. We saw someone that had a really bad fall because he wasn’t careful.
  8. Hire a tuktuk driver that speaks in English so that he can tell you the history of the temples
  9. If you plan to buy souvenirs, don’t forget to haggle, haggle, and haggle! I wanted to buy this painting but it was 40 USD. I was able to haggle it to 20 USD but then I ended up not buying it because it was a hassle to bring home. Also, the pants that I bought were originally 5 USD and I was able to haggle it down to 3.5 which I thought was a good price already. But when we went around we saw the same pants for 2 USD!!! Lol.
  10. We did the small circuit tour because we realized that at some point the temples will look the same. I suggest you choose the temples that you really want to go to.
  11. Even when riding a tuktuk, you have to haggle!
  12. I suggest you try doing the Pub Crawl in Pub Street and try eating happy pizza. (We weren’t able to do this though!)

Cost Breakdown for Day 2

Activity Amount (USD)
Temple One day pass 20
Tuktuk for one day 5 (20 USD for 4 pax)
Magnet (Souvenir) 2
Pants(Souvenir) 3.5
Lunch 10
Massage 8
Draft Beer 4 Paid for 4  (50 cents each)
Dinner in Italian Resto 8
Tip 2
Total amount in USD 62.5
Total Amount in Pesos 3125

More Pictures:


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