Cambodia Day 4: Biked to Roluos

SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER DONE IN MY LIFE WAS TO BIKE IN CAMBODIA!!! On our last day, we rented bicycles for only 3 USD. We wanted to see Bakong temple thus we decided to take a bike instead of a tuktuk.

Boys used the mountain bikes and we used the one with the cute little basket
My crew!

Our hotel offered us a mountain bike which had gears that I obviously didn’t know how to use and a normal bike which had a cute basket in front. My sister and I decided to get the normal bike because of the basket.

Our experience:


From our hotel it was 8 kilometers away. We assumed it was near but it wasn’t!!! It took us an hour and a half to get to Roluos. We passed the highway which was really dangerous. There were a lot of trucks passing by. To be honest I thought I was going to die. My sister even hit a tuktuk and my bike. It was definitely challenging for us because we have never biked in an environment like that. We weren’t like our boyfriends who knew where to go and how to position themselves on the road (LOL). My boyfriend told me, “Marga let the cars adjust. You don’t have to stay on the side.” He was wrong. The cars and trucks were really fast and every time they would pass me, I would literally shake. They didn’t adjust to where I was. In fact, everytime I would be at the middle of the road, they would honk their horns so that I would keep right.

First Stop: Preah Ko Temple
We weren’t able to go inside because our temple pass expired. I tried my best to get a good shot of the temple even if the guards were shooing us away.


When we arrived, we weren’t able to go inside the temples because our pass was already expired. Instead, we ate in a restaurant called, New Hope Cambodia. We also couldn’t stay long because we had to bike back and catch our flight.

Second Stop: Bakong temple
The temple is surrounded by water
The place was so huge!!!


Last Stop: Cambodia New Hope Restaurant



  1. Don’t rent a bike if you’re not confident or if you are not used to biking in the highway.
  2. If you plan to visit Roluos, just rent a tuk tuk because it’s far from the city
  3. You cannot enter any temple without a pass therefore if you plan to go temple hopping for 2 days, get a two day pass. The guards are very strict!
Expenses: Amount in USD
Bike 3
Lunch 6
Pasalubong 12
Dinner 5
Total in USD 26

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