Food Review: Going Vegan with Good Food Veg!


Food Delivery Service

Number: 09435499499 / 09157549226

Price: PHP 90-105

I’ve always been adventurous with food. I can eat anything as long as it’s healthy. To be honest, I really don’t like eating fast food because it’s so oily and heavy. I am the type of person who can eat vegetables, fruits, red rice, chicken and fish all day.

Ever since I started working, my biggest dilemma is that fast food chains are everywhere thus there is a limited choice of food for lunch. I get really lazy to bring my own food because I don’t really like preparing it therefore I resort to eating unhealthy burgers, nuggets, and spaghetti.

The feeling of junk food in my system is horrible. Aside from gaining weight, it doesn’t make me feel fresh. If there was only a restaurant nearby that serves healthy food then I would go for it but unfortunately, there isn’t any. So I had to do my research.

I recently discovered Good Food Vegetarian through my friend. I tried it out because it’s something that I was looking for—something healthy. What’s nice about it is that they deliver to your office for lunch and it’s really affordable. They have a menu for the whole week so you can choose which ones you like and text them your orders.

Some of the food I ordered before:

Meatballs in sweet and sour sauce with Lumpia
Vegan Beef Brocolli with KangKong
Vegan Longganisa and Tofu
Vegan Chicken Curry and Samosa
Vegan Barbecue and Tinola Soup
Bread Vegan Fish Fillet and Vegetables


Why you should try Good Food Vegetarian:

  1. It tastes like real meat. The dishes are really delicious!
  2. It’s very affordable. P90 for white rice and P105 for red rice
  3. They deliver to your office and there is no deliver charge. (Minimum of two orders)
  4. They have a menu for the week (lunch only) and you can choose on the days you want to order
  5. You will feel healthier, lighter, and have regular bowel movement

My favorite dishes:

  1. Vegan Longganisa
  2. Vegan Tocino
  3. Vegan Liempo
  4. Vegan Barbecue
  5. Vegan Isaw
  6. Vegan burger

I suggest you try it out because aside from it being worth it, it tastes delicious and you’ll feel very light.

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