Restaurant Review: Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

Food Review: Eat Fresh Hong Kong Famous Street Food

Price for two people: 400-500 pesos

Opening hours: 9:00 am to 12:00 am

Location: Little Baguio J. Abad Santos St. cor Biak na Bato St., San Juan City., Jose Abad Santos, San Juan, Metro Manila

Somewhere in the streets of San Juan, you will find a restaurant called, Eat Fresh. You won’t miss it because of the amount of people waiting to be seated and because of the wide array of street food on their window.

What makes this restaurant special for me is that aside from its affordable and delicious food, it brings back so many good memories of Hong Kong, Japan, and Singapore.

I ordered the following:

The famous Laksa! This is their bestseller. I liked it because even if it was spicy, it was tolerable. It was also so flavorful and served super hot. I definitely enjoyed it! It’s actually good for 3-5 people and you can even get a free soup refill.
Laksa Php 235
Hong Kong Style Fried Noodles Price: Php 60   What I love about this is that it goes well with the street food. It also isn’t bland and the noodles taste authentic.
Tofu sticks Price: Php 50 Lobster Balls Price: 38 Scallops Price: Php 40  My favorite is the scallops. It isn’t oily and it’s so tasty
Yakitori Price: Php 120
My favorite!!! This reminds me of the Yakitori I had in Japan. What makes this special is the super yummy sauce. It’s divine. It tastes like teriyaki but better. The bacon also is thick and goes well with the mushrooms and asparagus inside it. I usually eat the sauce with other street food I order. It is so addicting.
The Siomai was so good! Price: Php 70 for three pieces I liked it because aside from it being huge, it tastes authentic. It tastes better than what you eat in those fine dining Chinese restaurants. It’s so affordable too!
The place is always packed. When I went there the other day at 930pm they ran out of yakitori thus I was so sad. I guess it’s good to go late in the afternoon.
It isn’t fancy at all however there is an aircon so I guess that’s what matters.




My best friends, Rhea and Janny love this restaurant as well and this is what they have to say…

 “I like the Laksa because it has the right amount of flavor and they serve it really hot. One order is enough for a whole group. Aside from the free soup refill, there are a lot of noodles, shrimps, balls, and etc. It’s really affordable for the price.”

“I am not a fan of spicy food but I really enjoyed the Laksa. I always eat it when I’m there. it’s so good!”

Do I recommend it?

Of course! The food tastes authentic and delicious. The servings are huge for the price and can be shared by 2 or more people. It’s definitely a must to try this restaurant out. I would rate it a 4.5/5. The only downside is that it’s a small place thus you have to be patient because of the long line. You should also try their drinks, claypot rice, salt and pepper squid, and etc.

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