Marga Goes to Taiwan: How to Get There and Where to Stay?

How to get to Taiwan from Manila?

The following offer direct flights:

  1. Cebu Pacific Air

My flight was last May 27, 2016 and I booked my ticket early January 2016 because it was on sale. I paid Php 5000 for my roundtrip ticket with baggage. I have this habit of checking the price on different dates just to see if it will become cheaper or more expensive. The funny thing is a week before my flight, the price of my ticket was only php 1000 more expensive. Usually tickets become insanely expensive when it’s already near the travel date. Perhaps not a lot of people travel to Taipei hence the affordable price.

How was my Experience?

The travel time was really short therefore I didn’t mind if the seats were a bit uncomfortable. For the price that I paid, it was really worth it. I was with my mom and she enjoyed it because of the games conducted by the flight attendant. My only tip is that you should bring food or travel with a full stomach. Well in any budget airline that’s always my number 1 tip.

  1. Eva Air

I have yet to experience this airline because my flight will be on December. I was able to score really affordable tickets to Taipei for only Php5000. I researched about Eva air and most people have good reviews about it. They are actually known for their Hello Kitty Airplane. This isn’t a budget airline by the way so I am really excited for my flight.

  1. Philippine Airlines
  2. China Airlines

Where to stay?

Hotel Midtown Richardson

Location: No.4, Xiushan St., Ximending, Taipei, Taiwan 10042

Price: Php 15,700 for 3 nights (4 people)

My experience:

I did my research on a nice area to stay in and Ximending was one of them. I came across this hotel in Agoda and read the reviews. It was good and the price was reasonable that’s why I booked it immediately. I got the cheapest room however, it did not have a window.

When we got to the hotel room, my mom totally flipped when she saw that there wasn’t any window. So we had to call the front desk and ask for another room. I told my mom though that if we booked the room with the window then it would have been more expensive. Fortunately, they upgraded our room without having to pay anything extra.

We were only three in the room but our room was for four pax. It was really comfortable because the pillows were soft and the aircon was cold. 
I really am picky with bathrooms. I was really happy to see that it was really nice and clean.
Of course, there was a heater and all. The water pressure of the shower was just right. Gotta love the tiles of the shower area! It wasn’t slippery at all. 
The first thing I look for in a bathroom is a bidet but sadly there wasn’t any. 

Do I recommend this hotel?

Yes. It’s right beside the train station and across it is the Ximending night market. The price is very affordable for the size of the room. The bathroom is really clean and nice plus it had toiletries. The hotel seemed like it is new. The staff is friendly and very accommodating. We offered to pay extra for the upgrade but they didn’t make us pay anymore. The only downside is that no one helped us bring our maletas to our room. Also, there wasn’t any café, pool, gym, and bidet (LOL). I would rate my experience a 4/5.


  1. Always consider the location of your accommodation. Make sure it’s near the train station and night market.
  2. If you’re on a budget, you might want to try AirBnB because you will be out most of the time.
  3. Read Tripadvisor before booking a hotel. Read the reviews!
  4. Make sure you read the type of room before booking because like I mentioned, my mom flipped when she saw that there was no windows.

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