Marga Goes to Taiwan: Street Food Heaven!

To all the foodies out there, you should definitely go to Taiwan. The country is known for its night markets and the most popular one is called, Shilin. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit that during my trip because the Ximending night market was right in front of our hotel.

As soon as I arrived in Ximending night market, I was so amazed to see the variety of street food. I was so excited to try everything out. I felt “kilig” (Filipino word used when someone falls in love). There was something special about the numerous carts scattered everywhere. Perhaps it is the uniqueness of preparation and presentation. It felt like I was in street food heaven.

Must try street food:

  1. Sausage wrapped in sticky rice

My cousin, Cara was really excited to try this one. Her friends said that it’s really popular. The sausage has different flavors and she tried the garlic one. It was really flavorful. It was a bit spicy but she liked it. This is obviously different from the American hotdogs that we are used to eating. It reminded me of Chinese chorizo but bigger, softer, and spicier.28622734175_a1ecf3d256_k

The white thing you see is the sticky rice
NTD 100


  1. Steak with rock salt

This was my favorite!!! The steak was cut into small cubes before it was cooked. What’s interesting about it is that they did not grill the steak but instead they torched it. This cart caught my attention because the line was really long. There are many flavors to choose from but I really don’t like putting sauce on my steak. I chose rock salt and it was delectable. The steak was perfectly cooked—it was really tender.28006246463_016d7b7e4f_k28005282724_9b98125dc6_k

NTD 100
Really affordable! Just buy rice somewhere



  1. Xiao long Bao

It really tasted authentic. I didn’t enjoy it as much though because the vendor didn’t understand what I told him regarding the chili sauce. He ended up putting a lot so I didn’t get to finish everything. 28622648765_5fa1239f17_k

NTD 50 for the large one


  1. Stinky tofu

They don’t call it stinky tofu for nothing. I was really curious about this cart because I could smell it from a far. My mom, Kathryn would eat this snack when she was little because she’s part Chinese. At first, I didn’t want to try it because of the smell but according to my mom and cousin it was really good so I eventually tried it. I surprisingly liked it because its sauce was sweet. It also had cabbage and carrots.

NTD 50


  1. Hotpot

Sadly I wasn’t able to try this one out but you guys should. Taipei is known for its hotpot! 28622096735_148dbbf0fa_k

  1. Yakitori (mushrooms wrapped in bacon), Mushrooms, Squid

These came from one cart. It all came with a delicious special sauce which was put while the vendor was grilling it. All three were delicious but my favorite one was the yakitori. The bacon was soft and the mushrooms inside it melted in my mouth.

NTD 50-100


My favorite!!!



7. Candied Tomatoes and Plum

I was too full to try this one but you guys should because it’s really popular too. I saw kids eating this so I am assuming it’s for everyone.


Do you know any other street food in Taipei? Comment below and let me know!

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