Marga Goes to Taiwan: Itinerary and Budget

Day 1:

We arrived really late because our flight was delayed. In addition, my mom wanted a different room because the one I booked had no windows. If you’re reading this mom, I’m sorry. Haha So anyway it took us a long time to settle in because the front desk did not understand what we meant about getting a room with windows. They explained to us that they could not give us a room with a window because it isn’t safe. Perhaps they assumed we were going to jump off or whatever. They spoke in Chinese so it took us a while to finally make them understand that we wanted a window because my mother is claustrophobic. Anyway, due to the lack of time on our first day, we only went to…

Ximending Night Market

For all the foodies out there, this is a heaven! I wrote about the must try street food in Taipei in my previous entry so check it out. Well apart from going on a food trip, you will see a lot of affordable shoes, clothes, trinkets, and the like. I suggest though you buy shoes because the material is nice and it’s very comfortable.

Day 2

Sushi Take-out

As soon as we got to Taipei main station, we saw sushi on the go. My cousin and I are sushi lovers so we really had to try it. I liked it because it was affordable and fresh. You will see a lot of this in Taipei.

Yehliu Geopark

How to get there?

Go to Taipei main station and then walk to Taipei Bus Station. I actually forgot which bus we took but don’t worry because you will see it right away. You can also ask around.

Entrance fee: 80 ntd

For those who love nature, you should definitely go to Yehliu. It was really beautiful. It reminded me of “The Little Prince.” We went last May and it was so freaking hot. I suggest you go during November and December. Going there, we took a bus and it took us an hour and a half. The ride was really long though. Instead of taking a bus going back, we took a cab (1000 ntd) which was really pricey. It took us 45 minutes by cab. I suggest you take a cab if you’re a lot. It will come out cheaper and less of a hassle.

Wu Fen Pu

For the shopaholics out there, you will enjoy Wu Fen Pu. This is a wholesale area so you will shop til’ you drop. You will find clothes, shoes, accessories, and the like.  I suggest though that you buy clothes. I was able to find a lot of chic clothes for 100-2000 NTD. Although it may be expensive for some, I assure you that it is worth it because of the nice material.


The things here are pricier than Wu Fan Pu but still affordable. I suggest though that you buy shoes because it’s really cheap. Of course, don’t leave without having street food. Yup, we had to go back to get our street food! haha

Day 3

Pasta Place in Ximending (I don’t know the English name)

We had our lunch here because it was beside our hotel. It was really affordable. We got the set meal but since it was a lot, we shared it.

Longshan Temple

Entrance Fee: Free

I love temples so I really enjoyed it. It was just really hot so we didn’t stay long.

Chiang Kai Shek Memorial

Entrance fee: Free

This is the most popular tourist spot in Taipei. I was speechless.

Taipei 101

I wasn’t able to go to the top because the entrance fee was pricey. I took a picture of it instead. There are a lot of shops and restaurants around it.


This is a 24-hour bookstore. It’s really popular. Although the books are expensive, you should still go because they also have trinkets, notebooks, and the like.

Din Tai Fung

The friend of my mom thought that we didn’t have a Din Tai Fung in Manila that’s why they brought us to eat there. It wasn’t really extraordinary even if the restaurant originated in Taiwan. I actually like the Manila menu more because there are more choices. I was looking for the shrimp with mayonnaise but they didn’t have it. Although there were more flavors of xiao long bao to choose from. I suggest though that you eat somewhere else because we have this in Manila. It tastes the same.


Went back to Ximending to do last minute shopping.

Day 4

Chinese Lunch

We had lunch in a Chinese restaurant. I don’t know what it’s called though but it was so delicious.

Japanese Drug Store

You better visit this! Aside from Japanese make up, you can find other cool stuff here. My mom bought this detox thing that you stick to your feet. Although the best thing to buy is eyebrow pencil, foundation, and lipstick!!!


Visa Free (Used my Japan visa)
Accommodation (3 nights) PHP 4000

Note: I didn’t pay for my accommodation though.

Air Fare (with baggage) PHP 5,500
Meals PHP 2500
Travel tax PHP 1650
Entrance Fees 80 NTD = PHP 120


Bus (Yehliu)

Taxi (Back to City from Yehliu)


200 NTD = PHP 300

96 NTD = PHP 150

500 NTD (1000 NTD total but my cousin paid for the other half) = PHP 750

Shopping 3580 NTD = PHP 5321
TOTAL: PHP 20,791

Note: I didn’t have to get a Taiwan Visa because I used my Japan visa. Click here to know how to get one.


  1. I suggest you have your money changed here before going to Taipei. For some weird reason, it was difficult to look for a money changer.
  2. They do accept credit cards in malls however Taipei is known for its night markets. Bring lots of cash because obviously they don’t accept credit cards.
  3. You can always try to haggle in the night market. They usually give discount!
  4. It’s really easy to get around because of the MRT so make sure you get an EasyCard so that you don’t have to keep buying tickets.
  5. Always bring your passport around with you. In order to access their wifi, you will need to register your passport. You can go to their tourist information center in any train station. They will give you a username and password.
  6. The cabs are not as expensive but I suggest you take the MRT. Uber is also available there in case you really don’t want to take a train.
  7. Their drugstores have a lot of nice makeup, contact lens, and the like. Get makeup especially the Kanebo brand 😀 Btw, if you use contact lens, buy solution because they have promos. It’s more affordable in Taipei.

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