Marga Goes to Boracay: The Epic Tides Experience

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I first went to Boracay in 2009 when I had my Batch Boracay Trip. During that time, I just graduated high school. For most schools, it is a tradition of their seniors to celebrate their “last hurrah” in the island. If I remember correctly my mom allowed me to go because aside from celebrating my graduation, I was also celebrating my eighteenth birthday.

I will never forget that trip because apart from partying with my friends, eating the freshest seafood, and falling in love with the island, my accommodation was so far away from station 1. Well I guess that was the only downside of my trip. So we had to take a shuttle to D’mall everytime we would meet with my other friends.

It was obviously peak season that’s why we ended staying far from where everyone was. However I remember when I was looking for an accommodation, the first hotel that came into mind was “Tides” located in station 2 D’mall area. I did my research and saw pictures of it in the internet. I saw good reviews as well. It had an awesome roof deck, spacious rooms, cool interiors, and the like. Basically, it was the place to be. Sadly, during that time, it was full which left me heartbroken (OUCH. OA . BUT TRUE.). So my friends and I had no choice but to book elsewhere.

I said to myself, “one day I’ll make sure to stay in that hotel.” Well in 2009 at least I was able to experience one of their roof deck parties which was really fun however a part of me still wanted to experience the whole package. It was indeed part of my bucket list.

Fast forward to 2012 and 2013—I went to Boracay for a vacation again. I had Tides at the back of my mind so I still tried to book however I went during “LaBoracay” thus it was fully booked. So I had to look again for a different place. Since I just graduated college, I was jobless therefore I was on a budget as well. So my hopes were dimming. I ended up staying in a really affordable place which was “bearable.”

Come March 2016, my mom had a business trip to Boracay but because it was her trip, she chose the hotel. I had no choice but to stay wherever she stayed and still it wasn’t in Tides. But I guess I could not complain because I was her chaperone and she was paying for the accommodation. (Hi mom)

You know the saying, “the best things happen when you least expect it?” Or do you know the book “The Secret?”

I was in the office having a really busy day because of the classes I had to conduct. I was swamped with work but I was thinking of my upcoming trips abroad. It felt like time was so slow. All I wanted to do was leave and go on a vacation. My friend who I haven’t seen in years messaged me regarding a trip for bloggers. She invited me and told me that we would be staying in Tides. My heart jumped. “Is this for real?” I thought to myself. I couldn’t believe it. I obviously agreed to it even if it was less than a week away.  Luckily my boss allowed me.

Sorry for the lengthy introduction. I just couldn’t contain my excitement.

My Tides Experience

Address: D’Mall Station 2, Boracay Island, Boracay, 5608 Aklan

Contact Number: 722 9200


The Swimming Pool in the famous Tides roof top.
Solstice Sun Lounge- Perfect for happy hour. If you want to chill and drink then this is the place to be!

We were greeted with a boodle fight

The best way to devour this fresh seafood is to use your hands. This is a Filipino tradition and it is usually done when there is a Fiesta. Experience this feast in their restaurant, “Kaon” (Ilonggo for Eat).
The Philippines is known for its mangoes. For dessert, we had this mango ice box cake. This is also a Filipino favorite. Cake is made out of sweet mangoes, cream, and crushed grahams. Everyone knows that I am not a fan of dessert but I liked it because it wasn’t too sweet. The cream did not over power the mangoes which I liked.

The room

The room I got was for 4 people. It was really spacious.
The room comes with a safe, a mini ref, some snacks, and toiletries.
The bathroom is unique because the bath tub is in a separate room.
The sink and the toilet is separated from the bathtub which can be both good and bad for a person. For me, I liked it because it’s something different. So if you’re in a room with someone, you can use the toilet while someone takes a bath. Cool right? Lol.
Don’t worry though, there is a sliding door for the toilet. 🙂

More Pictures

What I love about Tides is that the rooms have balconies. As you can see, visitors hang their clothes there so that it can dry up. I love that they did that because it’s very smart and practical. This is the only place I stayed in that has a clothes rack.


Breakfast buffet

Other things you can do?

There is a gym therefore if you plan to exercise, you can use that for free. Also, I was able to get a massage in their SPA. So if you want to relax, you can go to their spa.

The biggest question is… Was it worth the wait? Most definitely! Tides has this homey feel which rejuvenates you. If we didn’t have plans, I would have stayed in my room the whole day—relax and chill. That little girl back in 2009 who dreamed of staying in this hotel was definitely satisfied. My expectations were met and I would definitely stay here again.

Do I recommend it?

Of course! Especially for millennials like me who love to party. I love the location of tides because it’s in the middle of everything. It’s beside a lot of restaurants and it’s a few steps away from the beach. Also, the food is super delicious. Regarding the rates, it is definitely worth every penny.

My Epic Experience



Address: Aklan D’ Mall Boracay, Brgy. Balabag, Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan

Contact Number: (036) 288 1477 


Of course, I wouldn’t let epic pass! This is where the cool people party. Did you know that aside from the famous DJ’s, Epic is also known for its food? Yes. I had the privilege to try out their famous croquettes, salpicao, gambas, ribs, mac and cheese, fish taco and etc. I definitely recommend the croquettes because of the generous amount of gruyere cheese in it. Who does not love cheese? Also, the salpicao, ribs, and Mac and Cheese.

Croquettes for the win!


Famous DJs spin in this club so you better not miss it. Dance the night away here!
People start coming in at around 11pm though. You can also get a VIP table so that you can sit down.

I was also surprised that Boracay has its own version of Pub crawl. Tourists are given stubs and are brought to several pubs/bars. This is the best way to experience the night life in the island. Epic obviously is part of this.


Among all  my trips to Boracay, this was the most memorable one for me. If you have questions regarding this trip, you can email me at

I’ll end this entry with a quote.


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