Manila to Boracay: SKYJET Airlines Review


The plane looks small from the outside but it’s actually really big inside! I thought it would be the same with the other planes I took before. But I was wrong.

It’s my first time to fly SKYJET Air and to be honest I was really apprehensive. Perhaps it’s because I only heard about the airline when I got my tickets. As usual, I did my research and stumbled upon some reviews. Most of the reviews that I read were bad because flights were delayed or cancelled. I wasn’t the one who booked my tickets thus I can’t really say if it is easy to book online. Although I tried to check in online however when I visited their website, I didn’t see a check in tab which I found odd. I was assuming SKYJET Air was capable of this feature. But it’s all right. I didn’t mind.

My Experience

I went to the airport (Terminal 4) early because there was no online check in. I was just being paranoid. I did not want to be left behind. They opened the counter two hours before departure. As soon as I got to the counter, the staff greeted me with a smile. I had to choose my seats so the staff showed me a paper and I had to point out the seat I wanted. I assume that the seats are also assigned manually because after I chose my seat, he wrote it on the same paper. Again, I did not mind. All I cared about was safely getting to Caticlan on time.

When I boarded the plane, I was surprised that it was bigger than all the other planes I rode going to Caticlan. I did not feel claustrophobic at all.

The legroom was big and the seats were comfortable
It felt bigger than the other planes I took to Caticlan



This is how it looks inside!
Some seats were dusty but good thing mine wasnt.
They gave us snacks which was really awesome. I was expecting they would charge us for it but it was complimentary. Plus points for them!

The difference between SKYJET Air and other airlines is that with SKYJET the travel time is shorter. A flight to Caticlan is usually an hour but with SKYJET it took us only 30 minutes. I made a friend on the plane and we were busy talking. Our conversation was cut short because of the travel time which was really funny. When the pilot announced that we have landed, I was shocked because I haven’t even reached the good part in my story.

Do I recommend it?

I really had a great experience. The travel time to Caticlan was short, they gave us snacks, and the plane for me was big. I definitely recommend it. The tickets are also very affordable. I was really lucky that our flight was not delayed or cancelled. Although it happens but Thank God everything went well. My only tip is that you don’t expect anything at all. Well this goes for everyone who plans to fly with them or with any other budget airline. I didn’t expect that the plane would be big and that we would get snacks that’s why I was really happy. To the people who plan to fly with them but are apprehensive or scared I assure you that it is really safe. Do it! I will definitely fly with them again.


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