My Happiest Hour: Boracay SunCruiser Review




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My Experience

Boracay is known for its night life, parties, and the like. In fact, some people call it the island of sin. I guess it’s because of the crazy and notorious things that happen there. You know what they say, “What happens in Bora stays in Bora.”

When I was in college I admit that I was really into drinking and partying. However as I grew older, it faded. I would rather lie down on the beach and have a few drinks. Basically chill. But having to party from time to time is okay for me but not just every night.

When I went to Boracay last June for a bloggers trip, I was able to experience the Boracay SunCruiser. Having been to the island many times, it was my first time to experience this activity. What is it anyway? It’s a huge boat wherein people can party while cruising and seeing the beauty of the island. Cool right? There is a DJ, a bar, and a slide.

Where the cool kids party!
You can also swim if you want to.
People can chill and drink!
Scary but worth the try!


To get to the SunCruiser, we had to walk to Astoria and from there we rode a speedboat. When we got there, I was in awe because it was really huge and it came with an inflatable slide which I really did not expect at all. We were welcomed with a DJ who played really good music that everyone danced to. Of course, the experience would not have been complete without a lot of booze. There was a bar on the boat and the waitress showed us a list of drinks to choose from. My tolerance is really low so I only got a glass of rum coke (YUP! JUST A GLASS). We also had pizza for our merienda but I am not sure if they provided it for us or we had to bring it ourselves. We were cruising for about 3 to 4 hours and then we stopped so that we could use the slide, swim, and witness the sunset. Sadly it was really cloudy thus we weren’t able to see it. But I did not mind because I’ve seen it many times before.

Do I recommend it?

What I liked about my experience is that you can either go crazy and party or you can just sit on a bean bag with your drink and chill. If you’re adventurous like me you can also try sliding down the inflatable slide which made me excited at first glance. There’s a funny story behind this. When I was about to slide down, I chickened out because it was so narrow and high. I have a fear of heights so it took me a while to do it. I had to ask someone to push me and good thing he did because if not, I wouldn’t have done it.

Yes, I highly recommend this because it’s really extraordinary. Like I said, I have been to Boracay many times before and I was really looking for something new to do. This was it! It’s the best way to party because of the breathtaking view. At the same time you get to experience not just a the typical happy hour but the HAPPIEST hour in your trip.

In terms of cost, you may check their website but if I remember correctly we had to pay for the drinks separately. I highly suggest though that you do this with a really big group. The boat is huge! It can accommodate a maximum of 60 guests. Yes, the more the merrier so make sure you’re a lot.

Kindly comment below if you tried this already. Please share your experiences. For questions, you may email me at


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