Boracay: Mandala Spa and Resort Villas Review


Location: Boracay

My family and friends know that I dislike soda, sweets, juice, and the like. The reason why I prefer drinking water and eating salad is because I find it refreshing and delicious. When I was a kid, it was really easy for my parents to feed me vegetables and fruits. I would eat my rice with mangoes and surprisingly I enjoyed eating boiled okra.

Although at one point in my life, I was addicted to McDonald’s which really made me fat. I started playing football at the age of 6 and then stopped during my last year in high school. I gained a lot of weight during my senior year which was so gross. It was a struggle for me to lose weight but fortunately I was able to do it because I ended up playing football in college. In addition, I completely stopped having instant noodles, lessened fastfood, and continued not drinking soda and juice.

So last June I went to Boracay and visited Mandala Spa and Resort Villas. It was my first time to visit Mandala and I was shocked that there was a place like that in the island. I guess it’s because I was used to partying, drinking, and eating all sorts of unhealthy food in Boracay. Mandala offers the opposite of what I had just mentioned. It’s far from the busy beach front. A word that best describes the place is SERENITY.

It took us 10-15 minutes to get there from D’mall.

We did yoga first. I wasn’t able to enjoy it that much because I sprained my ankle the day before. I couldn’t put a lot of weight on my ankle because it was painful. I am not also that flexible so I had a hard time following the instructor who by the way was a foreigner living in Boracay for how many years already. Even if it was challenging, it was really rejuvenating. I was able to sweat a lot therefore I felt really fresh afterwards.

We then went to Prana Restaurant for lunch. I love vegetables and fruits—basically anything healthy. Usually people dislike eating healthy because it taste bad but surprisingly everything that I ate was really good!

The interiors remind me of Noli and Fili lol
Emotera haha
Tinapa Quesadilla with Guacamole dip
I love salty food so I enjoyed the tinapa a lot. It went well with the guacamole dip because it balanced out the flavor
The dip is peanut sauce which was sweet. It was really delicious especially with the vegetables and egg
Octopus salad with vinaigrette. Love arugula so I enjoyed it. The squid was perfectly cooked as well.
wTuna Sashimi with some sort of spicy sauce. I didn’t enjoy it that much because it was too spicy. The flowers though are edible! hahaha First time to taste petals and it was bitter. I thought it would be sweet though!


Mandala is a perfect place for healing, relaxing, and detox. I personally am tired of partying and drinking. I consider myself a “Tita of Manila” therefore I would rather just chill. I am a changed woman (LOL).  I highly recommend this place if you want to go on a sabbatical and reflect about life. Or if you want to be a changed woman (like me). hahaha


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