Where to find Waw-Gyu Cubes? Get to know Mr. Waw-Gyu and his Saikoro Steak!

Saikoro Steak

Salcedo Market every Saturday or delivery

FB Page: https://www.facebook.com/saikorosteak

Last October 2015, I went to Japan for a vacation and I will never forget the wagyu beef I ate. You know the one that is so marbled and melts in your mouth? ORGASMIC INDEED. LOL! It was so memorable that as soon as I got back I could still taste it in my mouth.

As a foodie, I searched online where I can get affordable wagyu beef that was close to what I tasted in Japan. Many of you know that there’s this famous restaurant in Makati that serves wagyu sticks for an affordable price. But it is always full and I get lazy to go because of the horrible traffic. I’d rather just buy a frozen pack and cook it at home.

One of my really good friends, JV Montoya also known as Mr. Waw-Gyu works in a bank as a cash solutions manager. However, his passion is traveling and discovering new dishes. He basically loves food even if he admits that he doesn’t really know how to cook. His good friends, Kervin and Juri asked if he was interested in selling frozen waw-gyu packs. When he saw that a lot of people love waw-gyu cubes and that you won’t just find it anywhere in Manila he put a small business called Saikoro Steak. He and his girlfriend, Shae aka Ms. Waw-Gyu started selling online and delivering the packs around Metro Manila and even Bacolod and Ilo-ilo.


Because of the demand, Mr. and Ms. Waw-Gyu started selling both cooked and frozen cubes in the Salcedo Market every Saturday. I was able to visit them and get my waw-gyu fix.

You can either buy it frozen or cooked!

If you’re wondering what Saikoro means, it is “diced meat” because obviously you don’t have to slice it anymore. You just have to eat it! Ugh. I hate slicing meat. It’s such a hassle. So thank god I just had to put it in my mouth. LOL. Braces problems.

So tender and juicy!
Price: PHP 100

The waw-gyu cubes were so tender and it melted in my mouth. I could not get enough of it. It was so addicting. Because of it being super flavorful, you don’t need to put sauce. It’s paired with delicious japaneses fried rice which I also liked because of the generous amount of seaweed on it.

Price: 180 pesos (5 pcs. with japanese fried rice)


You don’t really have to go all the way to your favorite restaurant to have this. You can just stay in and cook it at home. It’s so easy because you can either grill it or cook it in a non-stick pan one minute each side. Make sure though that the beef is fully thawed before cooking. So if you think you can’t cook, think again because ANYONE CAN COOK THESE CUBES. It’s really convenient also because if you don’t want to get it from Salcedo Market due to the traffic, you can just give them a call and they will deliver.



So next time you crave waw-gyu cubes, you know who to call!


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