How to Get to Seoul Korea from Manila: Air Asia Review


Kansai Airport


I was lucky enough to get free roundtrip tickets for this trip. Read how I got it here.

Our flight details:

October 14, 2016 (Friday)

Depart from Manila: 7:10 AM

Arrive in Incheon: 12:10 PM

October 18, 2016 (Tuesday)

Depart from Seoul: 12:55PM

Arrive In Manila: 4:10 PM

Cost of Tickets

The price of our tickets were 25,000 pesos so that’s 12,500 pesos each which is for me pricey if I had bought the tickets myself. I was really lucky that it was free because to be honest, I would not spend that much for tickets.

Checking in

Air Asia in Manila is located in terminal 3. Among all the terminals, 3 is my favorite because there are many restaurants to choose from.

I checked in online prior and as usual I just needed to put my birthdate, passport details, and etc. I didn’t print my boarding pass because I knew that the staff can print it for me in the baggage drop. The only thing that I didn’t like in the whole process was that I had to go to the check in counter first and get a piece of paper so that I can pay for my travel tax. I usually pay for my taxes first but I guess each airline’s process is different. So after I paid for my taxes I had to go back to the check in counter and show the receipt. They issued me my boarding pass after submitting the receipt and my passport.

Purchasing Baggage

My ticket came with 20 kilos baggage allowance which was more than enough for me because the size of my maleta is small. Like I said, the ticket was free and I was really blessed that I didn’t have to buy allowance. Although my golden rule in flying with a budget airline is to always buy baggage allowance therefore if my ticket didn’t come with it then I would have still bought. I usually buy 15 kilos only because I am a light packer so anything beyond that I’ll be wasting my money. If you decide not to buy and your hand-carry goes overweight then you will be spending more money. You will get to save more if you buy baggage allowance when you buy your ticket.

Hand-carry problems

I brought a handbag and a knapsack with me. The staff weighed both and it was below 7 kilos. She didn’t mention about how many pieces are allowed but if you’ve read my Jetstar review, they usually allow 2 pieces only. Better to be safe and bring two pieces below 7 kg.

In flight experience

The flight was approximately three hours therefore I didn’t mind if the seats were uncomfortable. It was really tight for me so if you’re claustrophobic I think you’d be cursing throughout the flight. The legroom was so small and if you’re sitting beside someone then it’s possible that your thighs may hit each other. LOL. Obviously, it didn’t come with food so it’s better to bring your own food and water. The seats were really dusty which was a turn off for me. But I guess you really cannot expect much because it’s a low cost carrier. Like I said, I wouldn’t mind flying with an LCC as long as the travel time is not that long and I can get to my destination safely.

Seating Arrangement

I was lucky enough to sit beside my friend going to Seoul. Surprisingly Air Asia isn’t flexible when it comes to this. Going back to my Manila, I was not able to sit beside my friend even if I requested it from the staff. Apparently to be able to sit beside each other, you have to pay extra which I didn’t want to do. When I got to the airplane a lot of Filipinos were also complaining regarding it. What’s shocking was we thought that the flight was full but it wasn’t at all. Fortunately, the flight attendants were very lenient with it. I was able to switch seats with someone and sit beside my friend.

Do I recommend it?

Definitely! Our flight wasn’t delayed, the flight attendants were so friendly, and we safely got to Korea. You just have to think twice if your travel time is long because the seats aren’t comfortable. For me, the three-hour travel time was bearable. If you are on a tight budget then I highly recommend Air Asia because you will really get to save a lot. I don’t really like spending a lot for plane tickets because I don’t think it’s worth it. Like I said in my previous entries, as long as it gets me to my destination then I am good.


  1. BUY BAGGAGE! It’s okay to be paranoid. If you think you’ll go over then you should buy.
  2. Make sure you have a neck pillow with you to avoid getting a stiff neck
  3. Just in case you get hungry, bring food and water! I slept the whole time therefore I didn’t eat anymore haha
  4. If you can pay for your travel tax online then you should do it to avoid the long line
  5. Always bring cash because sometimes they don’t accept cards when paying for the travel tax

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