Marga Goes to Seoul Day 1: Come On Guesthouse Review and Myeongdong Food Trip

Come On Guesthouse Review

Mandatory Pose outside the Guesthouse

Price: 1,000 pesos per head per night

It has always been my dream to go to Korea and I was blessed to get free tickets. Obviously this trip was not planned at all so I was on a really tight budget.

I wanted to do AirBnB at first however they have a strict cancellation policy. I had to look for a place in Agoda that will not charge my card if I cancel my booking. I just wanted to make sure first that I was granted a visa.

There are a lot of rooms to choose from such as twin room with private bathroom, bunk twin, family studio, double with shared bathroom etc.

The shared bathroom was really clean. I took a bath there and it was complete. It had a heater, soap, shampoo, etc. It was also really spacious. The private bathroom though was so tight. It was a shoilet—shower on top of the toilet. I don’t recommend it for taking a bath. I suggest you get a room with a shared bathroom. Only downside is that you have to wait for the other guests to finish and if you have privacy issues it may not be suited for you.

Outside the rooms. You can watch TV in their sala

In terms of location, it’s perfect. It’s in the middle of the city and walking distance to Myeongdong. It’s fit for budget travelers. The rooms aren’t that big as well. It’s just a place for sleeping. I suggest though that you check out AirBnB because there are more affordable places there. If you aren’t really picky then this guesthouse will do. You can also cook and do laundry. Room comes with breakfast (bread and jam) too.

Myeongdong Food Trip

  1. Milky Bee- Flower shaped ice cream

To be honest, I just really wanted to try it because it looked pretty. It didn’t disappoint though. It’s actually frozen yogurt. I liked it.

  1. Scallops with cheese 30256368154_1f7caffc4e_k30799897971_b6bab2a719_k
  2. Sweet and sour chicken
  3. James’ Cheese Ribs

This restaurant is super famous! I loved the ribs because it was so tender and tasty. It comes with a lot of cheese that is melted in a hot plate. If you plan to eat it with rice, they will only serve it after you finish the ribs with cheese. They cook the rice also in the hot plate. It’s very affordable too. Price per person is 500-1000 pesos. It depends on the size of ribs you choose.

  1. Grilled Lobsters 30772239382_ed043f83ba_k
  2. Shrimp with butter and Garlic
  3. Mom’s touch Fried Chicken- It kind of reminded me of Bonchon but better and tastier. It was really delicious because aside from the crispy skin drenched in its special sauce, the meat was flavorful.


  4. Ham, Cheese and Egg sandwich


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