2016 Highlights and What I Have Learned

2016 was a roller coaster ride for me. I admit that I was experiencing a quarter life crisis. I had a lot of big decisions to make with my life and career. I had to go through a lot of obstacles which I would rather not share because it is very personal.  But I realized that even I was a mess (emotionally) towards the end of 2016, there will always be a “rainbow after the rain.” So here I am writing another “highlights” entry in my blog even if at first I was apprehensive. I thought 2016 sucked but looking back it was indeed another humbling journey.

  1. Getting Scammed in Cambodia

Read the entry here

There is always a first for everything and sadly it was being scammed in another country. When I felt something was wrong I was so pissed and annoyed (obviously). I was so angry because I wasted a lot of money. But looking back it was actually a blessing in disguise because I was able to write about it in my blog. Through my story I can prevent tourists from getting scammed. Lesson learned! Always research and read reviews.

  1. Boracay with Mom

Been to Bora many times and I must say I enjoyed this trip with my mom because she loved it. She hates the heat but surprisingly she swam in the beach with me! She was even daring enough to go Paraw sailing. I love you mom! Let’s go back? I learned that it’s always nice to experience something new with your parents. It’s never too late.

  1. Boracay with Bloggers

First time to go on a legit trip with other bloggers and I am grateful for the experience. I was able to learn a lot from them and of course, make new friends. It was my also my first time to ride Skyjetair, ride the Boracay SunCruiser, and stay in The Tides. It was such an impromptu trip and luckily my boss allowed me to go on leave. What’s nice about the trip is that I did not know ANYONE at all. I learned that when given an opportunity in life, you should make the most out of it. Even if it can be scary at first, you should still go for it because it might open doors for you in the future.

  1. Bathing with Elephants in Chiang Mai

Read about it here

WOW just WOW. Some may think that taking a bath with them is gross but it was such an unforgettable experience. Wahhhhhhhhh. My friends did not want to do it at first but I am glad that I was able to convince them. So if you’re in Chiang Mai, this is a must! DO IT.

  1. Being a contributor for Home Ideas Interiors and Lifestyle

Check it out in my features page!

I admit that I’ve been really rusty with my writing because I rarely practice it in work. The reason why I created this blog is because of that. I believe that I was a better writer back in college than today. I am truly grateful for the opportunity and because of that I am inspired to write more.

  1. Joining the PFF Women’s League and being in the newspaper 31600990793_1738302366_k

I haven’t really played 11-aside in a long time so I was really surprised that I would be joining this league. I assumed it would be not as competitive but my gosh had I known it would be super competitive I would not have joined. I guess it’s because I am not as fit as before so I wasn’t really sure if I can last 90 minutes. My team has not won a game but it’s okay because I’ve been having a lot of fun playing. I missed playing competitive football actually. The last time I played an 11-aside game was back in college. I met a lot of new friends and I actually conquered my fear of being in the first eleven. I would always get nervous before but now not as much anymore.

  1. Booking 5 flights in 3 different airlines and traveling alone to Sapporo

I have not blogged about this yet. The reason why I went on this trip is because I wanted to be alone and go soul searching. THIS WAS THE BEST TRIP EVER! My family told me I was crazy for booking different airlines, sleeping in the airport, traveling alone, having a BNB attitude, and the like. There was even a snow storm a week before my flight! Insane right?  I prayed hard that everything would go smoothly because I also didn’t have a lot of cash with me. IT DID. I truly felt the presence of God in this journey. He never left my side. My flights were not delayed or cancelled, I met a lot of nice people that took care of me, I was able to see snow for the first time, and etc. After my trip I realized how beautiful life is and how God will always make a way for EVERYONE. He is really powerful and I actually became closer to him.

  1. Experiencing Osaka, Kyoto, and Nara with my friends

I went to Japan last 2015 alone. I actually enjoyed it but it was really “bitin” so I made sure to go back. I went last November 2016 with my friends and I had a great time because I experienced USJ with them. We rode the flying dinosaur, Jurassic park, Jaws, and Harry Potter. I realized that Japan is a beautiful country. There are a lot of places to see so experiencing it for the second time with my friends was memorable.

  1. Going to Korea for free and FALL-ing in love

This was an impromptu trip. Korea has always been in my bucket list but it wasn’t part of my plans in 2016 because I was already going to Japan. Luckily Air Asia gave me free tickets so I had no choice but to use it. I was mesmerized by the colors of fall. It was so beautiful! I  did the zip wire which was also part of my bucket list! I also pigged out in Myeongdong. I ate most of the street food I saw. It was such a memorable trip because my friend and I got lost on our way to the Seoul Tower. It took us an hour and a half to get there. We were so stupid for not taking the bus so we ended up hiking. haha Read more about it here. I realized that when given an opportunity like this to travel even if it isn’t part of your plans you should still go for it. I obviously had a great time! It was definitely one for the books!

  1. Losing 10-15 pounds and being fitter (LOL) #RoadtoAbs

Need I say more? When people ask me how I lost weight I would joke around and say that it’s because of depression. Lol. But folks I think it’s because of the football league I joined, braces, and not eating when I am not hungry. I have been working out as well.

2016 wasn’t that bad right? I am happy I wrote this entry because it made me realize how blessed and loved I am. Towards the latter part of 2016 I would just cry out of the blue and act all emo but looking back, everything happens for a reason. God doesn’t give us problems we cannot solve. God will always be there for us. Things may not always go as planned and we may not be prepared for it but I learned that going through pain is part of life. Cliché but it will really make us stronger. So do I have any regrets in 2016?  I don’t think I have regrets but I do have questions—a lot of them really. But I guess I should stop thinking about it. This is another year—a new beginning. 2017, I am ready for you! Excited for what’s in store for me. Goodbye, 2016. Thank you for everything—for making me a tough cookie, for giving me so many opportunities, for making me love myself more and for showing me that there is still goodness left in the world.

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