#MargaGoeSolo 2016: A Day in Taipei (AirBnB experience, Maokong Gondola, etc.)



I had to stopover Taipei before going home. If you haven’t read about my craziest adventure, you can read it here. Like I said in me previous entry, the reason why I had to go to Taipei from Tokyo was because the flights were cheaper instead of going to Manila straight. I had a day to kill which was enough for me to explore the place and meet with a friend.

I arrived at like 2 in the morning so I booked an AirBnB near the airport. During that time, I took an Uber to get to the condominium so it was really easy for me to find the place. I was really lucky! Sadly, when I went to Taipei last March they had to stop operations. I don’t know why though.

I had a two bedroom apartment all to myself. The host was really nice because she quickly responded to my queries. The reason why I chose a place near the airport was because I wanted to go to the airport the next day and leave my stuff in the locker.

AirBnB Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13929443

Price: 2,000 pesos per night





  1. Maokong Gondola

This is located in the brown line. Get off Taipei zoo station. You have to ride a cable car to visit the temple, the view, etc.


  1. Dinner with Jayla (Hotpot and dessert)

We also went around the Taipei 101 area.


Taipei Tips:

  1. If you have a day to kill like me, leave your baggage in the locker and bring only what you need. You have to pay for it though but I forgot how much
  2. Take  bus to the city because it’s very affordable. I think the airport express is also done so you can check that out. If you’re 4 or more, you can take a cab which is about 1500 NTD

Check out my Taipei Travel Guide here

Finally, this is my last entry of my #MargaGoeSolo trip. It was once of the best trips in my life. I learned so many things not just about the different places I’ve been to but about myself. Traveling definitely cures the soul. Most of the time people think of it as a waste of money but it’s not true. Experience is the best teacher. In my previous entry  I enumerated the things that I learned and I shared about what happened after the trip. I said something like, “everything came crashing down.” The question is… Is traveling temporary happiness? After the trip, will you be back in the same hole? I think it really depends with the person. It is all about mindset. Traveling will probably make you forget some things and numb the pain. However the best thing to do is to grieve and embrace the pain. It was a very life changing experience because it made me see the goodness in people and the beauty in the world.

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