Inspirational Post: No Way but UP #CancerSucks #LYSB #1MilforWil

Dear Reader,

I know it’s been a while since I last wrote an inspirational entry in this blog. If I recall, the last time was my weight loss story which was featured in Erwan’s blog. But recently, some events shocked me, made me smile, made me cry, and made me feel all sorts of emotions. But the bottom line is that, through these events, it made me appreciate life even more.

A week ago, I joined a football tournament called Cancer Sucks. I played with my corporate team and we fielded two teams. The tournament was a fundraiser for a footballer’s mom who is currently battling the big C. It was very touching to see so many teams come together and help someone through football. It was one of the most memorable tournaments I have joined because aside from going there to just play and have fun, it made me realize that there is still a lot of goodness left in the world. Yes, many of us do not know the patient personally however, we were all there to play with a purpose and that is to show our support and help someone with her battle. Sadly, our team didn’t win the tournament which made me feel a bit sad. But I realized that everyone who showed up in the tournament was a winner.

A few days after the tournament, one of my favorite vloggers announced that he was diagnosed with cancer. He posted a video on YouTube which went viral. I guess you all know who I am talking about. Yup, Wil Dasovich. Wil is my age and I’ve been following him ever since. His vlogs are really funny because he speaks in beky language and does all sorts of crazy things. He’s very entertaining so check out his videos on YouTube to know what I mean. He said, “As you all age, you’ll eventually come to the realization that you’ll be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the things that you did do.” It struck me. If you’ve read my past entries, I was really down and emotional in the latter part of 2016 and the beginning of 2017. Anyway, I slowly was able to recover thus I made sure to make this year a year of YES and a year of ME. I did so many things this year out of impulse. In Filipino, “BIGLAAN.” I booked a trip to Taipei to see Coldplay a week before only (IT WAS SO EXPENSIVE THOUGH LOL), I booked a trip to Singapore to see a football match live a month before, I hiked Masungi, I went to Sapporo for a soul searching trip, I visited 4 provinces, I made new friends, I have been exercising like crazy (#FootballisLIFE), I started my MBA, and the list goes on. My mom at one point told me to chill. Whoops. Do I regret any of the things I have done? My answer is NO. Why? Because I was able to build relationships that I am sure would last a lifetime, see the world and its beauty, and feel again. Going back to what Wil said, I realized that life is too short and we should live each day like if it were out last. So I guess reader this means that if you want to do something that you’ve always wanted to do, DO IT. Take the risk and take the plunge. I just hope that whatever that is, would help you grow as a person, help you reach your goals, and make you a better version of yourself. By the way, subscribe to his channel. Let’s help him reach 1 million. #1MilforWil

Lastly, I recently watched “Love You to the Stars and Back.” I love watching Filipino movies especially if it’s directed by Antoinette Jadaone. I must admit though that I am not a huge fan of Joshua Garcia and Julia Barretto however after the film, I instantly became a fan. I don’t want to spoil the film for you but I assure you that it’s really worth it. I was crying the entire time like “HAGULGOL” cry especially when Joshua was questioning God about why he had to have such sickness and why bad things happen to good people. It was really touching though to see the support of his loved ones in the movie—doing everything they can just to make him survive. Reader, if you’re going through something right now always remember to surround yourselves with people who will help you get through it. The movie was unexpectedly beautiful. I realized that we just have to embrace the pain, accept it, and just make the most out of life.

Sorry about this lengthy post. I hope that I was able to inspire you or probably make you realize the importance of life and time. Just one request though, hug, kiss, or say “I love you” to your parents, siblings, and/or significant others. If you’re too shy, do an act of kindness or help someone in any way that you can.

After all the challenges I’ve been through, I learned that whatever you do comes back to you so always do good no matter what. 🙂

Thanks for taking time to read this, reader! No way but UP.

Much love,


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