Where to stay in Taipei, Kyoto, Osaka, Hong Kong, Korea, and Singapore? AirBnB and Guesthouse recommendations (Updated as of 1/30/2019)

  1. Taiwan, Dayuan District AirBnB
  • 15 minutes from the Taoyuan Airport and 46 minutes away from the city
  • Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/13929443    
  • Good for 4 pax
  • Price: 1000 pesos per head per night for 2 pax. Additional 500 pesos per head per night
  • Rating: 5/5

About the place:


It’s a two-bedroom condominium located near the airport. It has a mini kitchen, a living room, TV, queen sized bed, iron, etc. It has no bath tub however the place was really new and well maintained.


I only stayed here for a night because of my long layover. During that time, Uber was still legal so it was easy for me to find the place. The host was very accommodating as well so she kept checking up on me if I got there safely. If you plan to go around and tour the city then I don’t recommend this place because it’s really far. This is only recommended to those who have a long layover or need a place to stay near the airport. I really enjoyed my stay here because it was super huge, new, and clean. For the price, it was really worth it!

For more information click here

  1. Osaka, Nishi, Osaka,Osaka Prefecture, Japan AirBnB
  • Located next door to Nishi-Nagahori subway station and 15 minutes walk to Shinshaibashi
  • Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/2161130
  • Good for 4 pax.
  • Price: 1400-1500 pesos per head per night
  • Rating: 5/5 (THE BEST!!!!!!!)

About the place:


The place is a loft and can fit up to four people but it can be tight because of the ladder. It has a washing machine, mini kitchen, mini bath tub, pocket wifi, TV, and etc. you can check out the link for more information. If you’re claustrophobic, it has a balcony as well.


What I love about the place is that its location is so accessible. It’s near the train station and Namba. I remember walking to Dotonburi on my first night. It wasn’t that far though so you get to save transportation money. The host was really nice because we couldn’t find it at first but he responded quickly. He picked us up and brought us to the place. We were really supposed to be 3 people but one of my friends decided to join us last minute. He didn’t charge us extra for her. The place was really clean and it had everything we needed. This was the best AirBnB I stayed in ever! I highly recommend it. It’s SUPER WORTH IT!

  1. Osaka, OSAKA-CITY IKUNO-KU,Osaka-fu, Japan AirBnB
  • 11 minutes to dotonbori by train, 12 minutes to Namba station by train
  • Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8412293
  • Good for 3 pax
  • Price: approx PHP 1400 per head per night
  • Rating: 4/5

About the place:


The place came with a bunk and sofa bed. It was very decent however it was not as new. The place came with a pocket wifi, TV, refrigerator, towels, mini bath tub, and etc. The place was surprisingly big for me. However, it did not have a balcony.


What I loved about the place is that it was really cozy. The pillows were really soft and the sheets were so clean. I found it really spacious for me as well. The only thing that I disliked was that it was really far from the train station and there weren’t a lot of restaurants and convenient stores nearby. However, I found the price really affordable so if you’re looking for a decent place and on a budget then I highly recommend it.

  1. Kyoto, Guesthouse Soi

About the place:


The guesthouse has a breakfast area in the ground floor. You can ask them to cook breakfast for you for an affordable price. They have bikes for rent and a lot of maps and brochures. The room we got was not that big. So if you’re with two people, it can get a bit cramped. The room came with a small table and a tea set. There were no beds too so we used foams. Also, we did not have our own bathroom but it was okay because there was a common bathroom (can accommodate 5 people) that had all necessities.


The place wasn’t huge however it was very clean and new. The staff was really friendly and accommodating. The owner of the guesthouse taught us where to go and what to do. She basically was a big help to us. I liked our room even if it was small because it reminded me of a Japanese home. The bathroom even if it was shared, was really clean and decent. I’m very choosy when it comes to bathrooms but I really liked it. It had a blower, shampoo, soap, tissue, and etc. My only concern is that the train station was pretty far from the place but there was a bus stop 5 minutes away. I highly recommend this place because it’s very affordable, new, cozy, and the hosts are very welcoming.

  1. Hong Kong, Kowloon side AirBnB

About the place:


The apartment has 3 bedrooms, a living room, and a mini kitchen. It was really spacious given that most of the apartments in HK aren’t that big. The description says that it is good for 6 to 10 people however I think that it can get really tight if you go over 7 people. it only has 1 bathroom though which can be a hassle if you are a lot.


I liked the location of the apartment because it was so convenient. It was near the MRT, convenience store, and shopping places. The only thing that I did not like was that there was only 1 bathroom for everyone. Also, we had problems checking in because the host wasn’t replying to us so it took us a long time to find the place. Overall, the place was great. The rooms were clean, the living area was really spacious, the dining area was big enough to fit 6 people, and the location was superb. I recommend this place if you’re on a budget and would like to stay in the TST area.

  1. South Korea, Come On Guesthouse Myeongdong

About the place:


The guesthouse is located in the Myeongdong area. It has different types of rooms. For those rooms that do not have its own bathrooms, there is a common bathroom but it can only accommodate one guest at a time. The rooms were very small and the private bathrooms were not really decent (shower on top of the toilet). The common bathroom was surprisingly cleaner, more decent, more spacious, than the private bathroom.


My trip to Korea was really spontaneous because Air Asia gave me free tickets. I was really on a budget so as soon as I saw this place I booked it right away. I only recommend this place if you’re on a super tight budget because I found it very uncomfortable. It was too small for me and the private bathroom wasn’t decent. However, in terms of location, it was actually very convenient. It was near a lot of restaurants, it was walking distance to the Myeongdong shopping area, and near the N-Seoul Tower. I suggest though that you try looking for an AirBnB because it might be more affordable and more comfortable.

For more information click here

7. Itaewon, Seoul Korea AirBnB “JJ Guesthouse” on Facebook and IG

  • Located in Itaewon, Seoul Korea. Near Myeongdong, DongDaemun, HongDae, and Gangnam (by cab)
  • Address: 6-17, Hoenamu-ro 39-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea(Itaewon)
    Seoul, Korea 04344
  • Link: https://web.facebook.com/jjguesthaus/
  • Link: https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/8647993
  • Good for 1-5 pax
  • Price: PHP 1000-1300 per head
  • Rating: 5/5

About the place:


The apartment is located in Itaewon. The location was perfect because it was near a lot of cool hipster places and clubs. It’s also 5 to 10 mins away via cab from Myeongdong.

The living area was huge. Aside from the kitchen, there was a place to do laundry. You can rent a pocket wifi from the host, there was a blower, lots of toilet paper, and etc. It was really complete.


My friends and I had a really great experience because our host, JJ was very accommodating. He answered our queries quickly and he really made us feel at home. Our flight going to Korea arrived late therefore he arranged a jumbo taxi (80,000 won) to get us in the airport. The place was really huge. I think it can fit more than 4 people. There was a heater, toiletries, washing machine, utensils, plates, and etc. The apartment was really complete.

I was with my three other friends, so he suggested we just take a cab instead of the train since it was close to Myeongdong, Dongdaemun, Hongdae, and Gangnam. The place is near a lot of clubs so it was really convenient for us because we didn’t have to take a train back home.

The only thing that I didn’t like about the place was that it was on top of a steep hill so it was tiring to get to the top. Also, there were times when the cab driver had difficulty in finding the place but we were grateful that JJ was there to answer our calls. I definitely recommend this to friends, couples, and families. Just make sure that they are willing to do a lot of walking because the taxis aren’t allowed to bring you all the way to the doorstep of the apartment.

8. Singapore, Sims Avenue, Ace Residences 

About the place:


(Photos grabbed from their website)

The place is located in Geylang area which is known to be the red light district. However, it’s actually really far from it and the neighborhood is peaceful. The apartment I stayed in had three bedrooms and bathrooms that were spacious. According to the website, the place is good for 5 pax however it can accommodate more than that because it’s huge. It also had a kitchen, a washing machine, and all the basic necessities.

Singapore is a small country therefore everything is near. I was able to get to the place via grab/uber. The apartment is also near a lot of very affordable restaurants.


I was with two other people so we had one room each. The place was really spacious therefore it’s really good for big groups and families. The design of the apartment is very modern and what’s nice about it is that it’s really clean. I’m very particular when it comes to bathrooms and fortunately the bathroom was clean and spacious as well. The advantage of staying in an apartment like is that you can cook your own food. It had complete equipment- from utensils, pans, and appliances. All rooms including the living room had air-conditioning which also was a plus point since Singapore is really hot and humid. The best part about the location is that it’s near a grocery and popular restaurants that are very affordable.

Tips when looking for accommodations:

  1. Always read the reviews because it would help a lot. Especially if you plan to go to unsafe countries.
  2. Sometimes it’s okay to book new listings especially in countries like Japan because it’s really safe however, it is a gamble.
  3. Always read the cancellation policy because sometimes they are strict so you cannot refund the fee anymore.
  4. When booking an AirBnB the host has to approve your request first. It is good because if ever you need to ask questions about the place then they can answer it before you book. Remember that once a host approves the request, it means that you’re already booked. So you really have to be sure about the place because like I said, the cancellation policy might be strict.
  5. Research, research, and research before booking!
  6. Always read the description of the place to know how many people are really allowed, if it has the items you’re looking for (blower, washing machine, pocket wifi, etc.), the check in/check out time, and the like. You might get disappointed if you arrive and don’t find the things you’re looking for or you might be wasting your money if the check in/ check out time is not ideal for you.
  7. Always be good to your AirBnB host because he/she is required to write a review about you. Be honest if you’ll be adding more people. You can also ask them if you want a late check out and/or an early check in. Tell them your itinerary and all the needed information.
  8. If you don’t like the place or your host, never ever lash out on them. Just rate them low and explain everything in the review. ALWAYS BE GOOD TO PEOPLE.
  9. Always look at the pictures closely and carefully. Pictures don’t lie so if you’re very picky when it comes to bathrooms then this is a MUST. You don’t want a shoilet (Shower on top of the toilet) right?
  10. Double check the location of your accommodation. Don’t get fooled at the title of the listing especially if it says, “20 mins away from the ____” You have to carefully read the description and check google maps because sometimes it can be pretty far from the city or it might be in an area you dislike.
  11. Always make sure that the place is near a train/bus station because you will be spending more if it isn’t. Like I said, READ THE DESCRIPTION CAREFULLY.

Hope this helps! Heard a lot of horror stories regarding AirBnB but so far so food. I highly recommend it because it’s affordable and you get to immerse yourself in different cultures.

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