Marga Goes to Siargao (Travel Guide)

Siargao 2018 from Marga Bellosillo on Vimeo.

How to get there?

Cebu Pacific and Skyjet Air have direct flights from Manila to Siargao. But you can also take Cebu Pacific and PAL Express via Cebu. I took Cebu Pacific last January because they had a seat sale so I got my tickets for 5,000 pesos only. Travel time is about 3 to 4 hours and they use propeller planes so it isn’t that big.

I have a funny story to share though regarding my trip back home. Apparently I booked Surigao instead of Siargao to Manila going home. Stupid right? So as soon as I got to the Siargao airport, the guard told me that my flight number did not exist. I insisted that I was right and even showed him my ticket. Then he was like, “Ma’am Surigao po yan. Hindi yan Siargao.” Surigao is two hours away by boat and it isn’t like Boracay wherein the boats are available 24/7. It was too late for me to go to Surigao so I had no choice but to purchase a new ticket. Luckily, my flight going back home had a stopover in Cebu so the ticket I bought was cheaper. Anyway, there were three flights available. My choices were the following:

  1. Take PAL Express to Cebu (3,000 pesos)
  2. Take Ceb Pac to Cebu (2,300 pesos)
  3. Take Skyjet Air to Manila

I really wanted to take the Skyjet Air flight back to Manila but it was really full so I decided to take Ceb Pac because it was cheaper than PAL. Unfortunately, the plane was about to leave already so I had no choice but to fly PAL. There was no ticketing office in the airport so the girl told me to book online. THANK GOD FOR LTE! I was able to purchase my ticket online on the spot. It only took me an hour to get to Cebu therefore I was able to reach my flight from Cebu to Manila via Ceb Pac. It was also a blessing in disguise that the Skyjet Air flight was full because it was cancelled due to bad weather. I actually called my mom about what happened and she was like, “At least you fixed it! it’s part of the adventure.” This incident made my trip even more memorable. Lesson learned though!


  • ALWAYS CHECK YOUR TICKET IF IT’S SURIGAO OR SIARGAO. Wahahaha Seriously! I mean if you accidentally booked Surigao, you can always plan ahead and go to Siargao via boat.
  • They usually cancel a lot of flights because of bad weather. I suggest you take Cebu Pacific and PAL express. Skyjet Air’s process in refunding and rebooking is so tedious so please don’t stress yourself out even more. Just book with PAL and Ceb Pac especially during the rainy season (June to early March)
  • Wait for a seat sale. Anything below 6,000 pesos is a good deal.
  • In terms of airport transfers, there are a lot of vans from the airport to General Luna. Cost per way is 300 pesos. That’s a bit cheaper than booking with the hotel.

Where to stay?

Bravo Beach Resort

Siargao (310) Siargao (311)

Siargao (312) Siargao (309)



DSCF3596 DSCF3597

DSCF3599 I booked their surf bunk room. It had two bunk beds, 4 lockers, a ceiling fan, aircon, complimentary breakfast, complimentary drinking water, and etc. Cost is 1,200 pesos per head per night. I travelled with my friends however they wanted their own room so I opted to just go for this. I didn’t really mind meeting new people so every night I had different roommates. What I loved about this experience was that even if I was with strangers (some of them were boys), I felt really safe. Things I loved about Bravo:

  • The food was really delicious and the servings were huge. I loved their breakfast menu. There was a lot of food to choose from. I suggest you try their bacon, sausage, yogurt (homemade), and pancakes. For dinner or lunch, try their barbecue!
  • It was beachfront. I loved my morning walks.
  • The staff was really friendly and helpful.
  • They have a swimming pool (I didn’t get to swim though)
  • You can rent water jugs and locks.
  • You can book tours with them
  • They have tarot card reading! The manager of the restaurant does it. Her name is Athena. It was pretty interesting
  • They give you two towels. One for the room and one for the beach.
  • They have unlimited supply of drinking water
  • The rooms are really spacious



















Things for improvement:

  • The wifi doesn’t reach the rooms so you have to go out to the restaurant for wifi.


Overall, I had a super great experience. I would rate this resort a 4.5/5. They are always full though so I suggest you book 3 months earlier. What to do in Siargao?

  1. Island hopping (Daku, Guyam, and Naked) plus Sohoton Cave Tour

You can do this all in one day. Price per head was 1250 pesos for all three islands , Sohoton cave, and lunch.

Daku Island DSCF3725

DSCF3724 DSCF3722


Naked Island Siargao (2)

2018_0126_15115000-01 2018_0126_15150800-01

Untitled 2018_0126_15111300

Guyam Island

2018_0126_17061600(2)-01 DSCF3734

DSCF3738 DSCF3732

Sohoton Cave Bucas Grande Island

This was 2 hours away from General Luna.


Hagukan Cave– this was the first stop. We had to hold our breath for like 10 seconds and someone needed to push us to get inside. It was scary but as soon as we got inside we were in awe because the water was glowing.

GOPR6319_1516938117332_high-01 28483D9F50579A5B8D35C1541E5C1F39-01

GOPR6290_1516940107329_high GOPR6305_1516940045018_high


Magkukuob cave (diving cave)– we had to pass through a hole to get inside. It was really rocky so we had to wear aqua shoes. We had to climb to get to the top (it was intense). The tour guide told us,  “ pag dating mo sa taas, no turning back. Tumalon ka nalang.” Took me minutes before I jumped. GOPR6328_1516939998710_high-01

Siargao (93)

Jellyfish Sanctuary– we weren’t able to swim with them but we were able to touch them! G2686380_1516939764183_high-01

2018-02-07_08-54-41-01 GOPR6371_1516938003975_high


  • You can book your tours with Kuya Bebot. His is cheaper than My Siargao guide. I think the price of My siargao guide is 1,500 to 2,000 pesos and it doesn’t include Sohoton Cave. Add him on facebook
  • You can also go to the market to look for boats to rent. According to my friend, it’s cheaper that way. You can inquire and ask how much it is and compare it with the tours of Kuya Bebot.
  • Don’t forget to wear aqua shoes
  • Beer is obviously expensive if you buy it in the island so I suggest you bring your own
  • Bring a dry bag because the waves are insane
  • Bring your own towel
  1. Sugba lagoon

2018_0124_13335000-01 2018_0124_12364100

GOPR6203_1516765830291_high-01 G2546097_1516765830291_high-01

Since Kuya Bebot had no scheduled trip for the day we wanted to do it, we ended up booking with My Siargao guide. It was 1,500 pesos for the tour and it included lunch and equipment (paddle boards). My Siargao Guide is more expensive than other tour providers. We had no choice that’s why we booked with them. I really found it pricey because we only did one activity. But I guess we didn’t really care anymore when we were there because we enjoyed it a lot. The tour guide, Teddy was really entertaining. In addition, we were able to meet a lot of new friends and there was more than enough food for all.


  • Bring aqua shoes if your feet are sensitive
  • It’s better to wear a one piece or a rash guard
  • Bring your own towels
  • Bring your own booze
  • Bring a dry bag
  • Try going to the market and renting a boat there because it may be cheaper
  1. Magpupungko

I wasn’t able to go here anymore but according to my friends who went, it was a waste of money. Best time visit this place is when it is low tide. Entrance fee is 50 pesos.

  1. Cloud 9

IMG_20180125_122124_129-01 IMG_20180125_122047_024-01

Untitled Siargao (201)

Siargao (188) Untitled

I wasn’t able to surf because of my injury. So corny right? Cloud 9 was so beautiful! There is an area for beginners and professionals so don’t be afraid to try it out. You can also get an instructor for surf lessons. I think it’s 400 to 500 pesos and it comes with a board too. Since I wasn’t able to surf, I just chilled by the beach.

What I love about Siargao is that the locals are so nice and accommodating. My friends and I were not able to bring a beach mat so we borrowed from one of the locals and he didn’t charge us for it.

Where to eat?

There are a lot of amazing restaurants in Siargao but sadly we were only able to try a few. I guess next time I’ll have to stay longer.

  • Kermit- best pizza, pasta, and lava cake. Better go early because usually it gets finished fast. Not a big fan of sweets but the lava cake was the bomb.
  • Harana- we weren’t able to eat there because we arrived late. They usually serve food until a certain time but I heard it’s good.
  • Shaka bowls- I wasn’t able to finish mine because it was really big. It was really delicious for me though because I love healthy food. I just hope they get sweeter mangoes next time. It would have been better.20180125_140419-01
  • Miguelitos- they serve really good soft tacos. Get the beef!
  • Bravo Beach Resort- They have a famous drink called Pomada but sadly I wasn’t able to try it because I was on detox. However, I really loved their breakfast choices and chicken barbecue.
  • Mama’s grill- Get their longanisa/chorizo, liempo, fish, and squid!
  • Warung – love their chicken sate and laksa!

Parties and other events?

Apparently there are different events each night in different places. You can ask the locals about it.

Other tips:

  • Bring a first aid kit because I didn’t see any hospitals there
  • Don’t drive a motorcycle if it’s your first time. One of my friends got into an accident and it was really bad. If you plan to drink, just take a habal-habal (basically a motorcycle with a driver).
  • Bring lots of cash because I didn’t see any ATM’s.

I really hope that you guys go ASAP because I am sure that it’s going to be the next Boracay. I heard that a lot of big companies are planning to put up resorts, casinos, and etc.

Five days was too short for me but I am grateful that I was able to experience the “Island life.” It was really peaceful and I was able to relax and unwind. There’s really something about the island that makes you feel so chill and kilig. I promise to go back and DRINK AND PARTY. haha

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