What’s new?!

So I haven’t had the time to update my website because I’ve been busy with other things. My sincerest apologies for this. I just want to share with you all that I have been writing for the Manila Times business section which comes out every Sunday.

I usually write about startups—basically how the founders’ journey began, what their business offers, what makes them unique, and how much they have grown. I am truly grateful for this opportunity because aside from meeting new people and learning from them, I get to share their inspirational stories to readers all over the world.

The reason why I created this blog was because I wanted to INSPIRE. I just didn’t think that it would be this big. It has always been one of my dreams to write for a publication and I am very surprised that this blessing happened.

Because of my job with the Manila Times, I have met so many people that have left a mark in my heart—all their stories were worth sharing.

I hope you find time to read the articles that I have written.

Here are some of them:


  1. Busy Bee Cleaning Co. (The Litonjua brothers)


  1. I Do Nails (Monica Maceda Ilacad)


  1. Kineticore Philippines (Kale Alvarez)


  1. Pushkart.ph (Bryan Reyes)


  1. Pabys Creative Events (Janna Pablo)


  1. Transphil Land (Dax Garcia and Felicia Sison)


  1. 28 Cavalry (Choi Kapunan and Nico Lumauig)


  1. Bigdish (Andrew Francisco and team)


  1. Airjuan (Paolo Misa and John Gutierriez)


  1. Kahon.ph (Bryan Reyes and Nick Padilla)


  1. Shopback (Kristina Ay-Ay)


`12. Steeze Design Studios (Kaira Dimatulac)



If there is one thing I have learned from all of them, it would be, “we all have to start somewhere.”

Will do my best to post more entries here. I have a few more local and international trips this year. Again, apologies for not being that active.

If you know of any inspirational stories you want me to share, please email me at margabellosillo@gmail.com

Please grab a copy of the Manila Times every Sunday as well. Cheers!



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