The Story Behind the logo of

I created this blog because I love to travel and eat. I realized that it would be nice to document all my adventures. A few years back, I was featured in the blog of Erwan Heussaff regarding my weight loss journey. I was inspired to create my own website because of the number of followers I garnered. That’s how was born.

The story behind the logo

I wanted it to be really personal and at the same time, I wanted it to be aligned with the content of my blog.

Logo MargaGoes

The airplane icon signifies my love for traveling. I made sure to note that in the logo because my blog is all about adventures. The mountain is shaped like a letter M because my first name is Marga and again, I wanted to add a personal touch to it. It’s very simple and easy to understand. I want my readers to know what my content is at first glance. The line that looks like a letter C is actually an accent to make it look like the airplane is moving or has moved.

What can people find in my blog:

  1. Detailed tips of my travels. How to apply for visas, how much it would cost to travel, and the like.
  2. Food adventures- my review on some restaurants
  3. Football adventures
  4. Inspirational posts about life

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