Steve Jobs’ Rhetoric

What I observed with the presentation of Steve Jobs is that he uses an effective attention line in the beginning. I believe that your opening line is essential because the audience will only listen to you if you have something interesting and important to say. In Jobs’ case, he is able to set a theme and it is consistent throughout the whole presentation.

Here is what I observed:

  1. He is able to connect to his audience through facial expressions
  2. His speech is concise and straight to the point
  3. He is able to show and present the information in lay man’s term
  4. He put on a show buy showing the world the super thin macbook air

Why is putting a show important? Why should we present like Jobs?

  1. Even if your product is really good and has many benefits, people will still believe testimonies and presentations. Communicating to your audience effectively will be able to increase revenue. For example, if Jobs didn’t put on a show or was able to enumerate why people should by the macbook in lay man’s term then I don’t think people would stay and listen.
  2. The attention span of people is short. The shorter you present, the better. Which is why Jobs’ presentation doesn’t even go over 30 minutes. Or if it does, he always has some sort of spectacle.

You may refer to the videos below:

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