Storytelling at its finest


I took up speech communication back in college. There are three elements that are important in performing or in saying a speech. For us back in college, we call it Rhetoric- the power of persuasion. It consists of three elements:

Ethos, Logos & Pathos - Miss Francine's Website 2019-2020

In DigIma, they taught us the 7×7 rule wherein a powerpoint should contain the essential topics, should be presented concisely,  and the presenter should be able to captivate the audience. Cue cards are of course not encouraged.


What are the benefits of becoming a good storyteller? It’s simple, you get to influence and persuade.

  1. Pathos- you get to appeal emotionally to your audience and make them feel why whatever you are presenting is essential.
  2. Logos- you get to show your audience facts and other supporting information that will influence people. In example of this would be the presentation of Steve Jobs regarding the iphone. He showed some features that are needed by customers.
  3. Ethos- he was able to show how Mac was able to change the world through innovation.

If a storyteller is able to use these three elements and the 7×7 rule, then I don’t see a problem on influencing and persuading the audience. This is essential in Marketing because how will you make people buy your products if you don’t show them what they want?

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